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Project management is now gaining a good buzz around diverse industries. As per reports, around 2.2 million project roles are to be filled on an annual basis.

You need to get certified in different project management to impress the top recruiters. It helps in gaining the latest skills while working with Prince 2 framework and then learning to explore how to implement them and adapt the real-world scenarios.

The prince2 foundation course London can help you land lucrative roles in the IT industry along with manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and other developed industries.

There are several leading companies worldwide that are adopting and taking the leverage from Prince 2 framework along with Prince 2 Certified professionals. 

PRINCE2 Foundation Course Overview

PRINCE2 Foundation Course Overview

The ‘Projects IN Controlled Environments’ or PRINCE 2® has now emerged as the de facto project managing method that can help in many more government and commercial organizations across the globe. 

As you explore the themes, principles, and processes linked to PRINCE 2, you get the chance to learn and master the method as to how to adapt projects to the environment.

Also, you choose to learn to manage ideas like product delivery along with managing the product-based planning approach, which is involved in effective project management.

With competitive PRINCE2 Foundation Certification, you get the chance to learn the way you create some tailor-made projects based on the right set of environments, and then develop a product-based planning approach for many more projects, and then control the use and familiarities of resources, and thus effectively manage project risk. 

By concluding the program, you get the chance to become familiar with Prince 2 ideas and then have the concrete foundation for moving ahead to get Prince 2 Practitioner.

Foundation remains a designation that is offered by the reputed groups like AXELOS to many more practitioners who showcase their understanding with the help of passing the exam. 

It also helps in validating all your expertise being competent project management professional. So whether you remain new project management or a pro, PRINCE2 Certification can help in getting the best addition to your tech tool belt.

Why Should You Opt For Prince 2 Foundation Course?

Why Should You Opt For Prince 2 Foundation Course?

We have seen good popularity of project management-related ventures, and it is gaining popularity all over different industries. As per an estimate, around 2.2 million project roles will be filled on an annual basis. 

You have the choice of getting certified in areas like project management, which further helps in impressing the top recruiters.

You can acquire the modern skills in working with the PRINCE 2 framework along with getting the option to learn and master the way how to implement them and adapt to real-time world environments.

The PRINCE 2 certifications are helping you to get lucrative roles in IT, manufacturing units, finance, the healthcare industry, and other compelling new and old industries.

Leading companies around the world have adopted and benefitted from the PRINCE2 framework and PRINCE 2 certified professionals.

PRINCE2 Certified Professionals Earn An Average Salary Of $99k Per Annum

PRINCE2 Certified Professionals Earn An Average Salary Of $99k Per Annum

In a nutshell, you can find the following keywords around Prince 2 Foundation Course program:

  1. The prince 2 Professionals are found in more than 150 nations
  2. The professionals are among the top highly demanding certified people in the world.
  3. The certified professionals can gain 100K USD as Salary per annum
  4. The growth you get is exceptional, with around 21 percent in the market
  5. These professionals remain in high demand in industries like the following:
  6. IT
  7.  Banking
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Retail
  10. Healthcare
  11. Energy and many more

2 Steps To Get The PRINCE2 Foundation Certification

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By enrolling in KnowledgeHut, you can always strengthen your knowledge and practice of handling project management, seeking the help of PRINCE2 certifications from AXELOS, and thus remain validated for your expertise with the help of PRINCE2 Foundation certification. 

If you are still not sure about the PRINCE2 Foundation certification, the following three steps can help in gaining the same:

Get trained – Get trained via KnowledgeHut with the help of certified partner Axelos, along with getting accredited training groups like ATO.

You can enroll to get the options from an upcoming certification of PRINCE2.

Foundation credential course program that can help you get 16-hours of training exercises.

1. Accept PRINCE2 Foundation Examination

Once you are prepared, you need to organize your certification examinations by utilizing the eligibility code that you get from the group PeopleCert. 

Now, you need to appear for an hour’s online test. Here you just have to score with a very minimum of 55%. And then pass the Prince 2 Foundation Exam.

2. Get PRINCE2 Foundation Certified

Once you download the e-certificate, all you need to do is to get the certificate and then move ahead.

Who Should Attend the PRINCE2 Foundation Course?

The following professionals should take up this program:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Leaders
  • Product Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Team Leaders

Anyone who wishes to build expertise in agile projects can choose this program and add wings to their career.

With the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Training program in London, United Kingdom, you can evolve an exceptional project manager with PRINCE2 Foundation Training program along with developing project-related skills, which are very much useful for every industry.

You get the chance to learn and explore how to deliver multiple projects on time and within the set budget. Also, you can find this program to be among the most competitive ones for Prince 2 Foundation, along with taking up the sixth edition exam.

Wrapping Up

Thus if you are keen to get an edge to your career, you have a chance to opt for the Prince 2 program. All you need to do is find out a competitive training program that you prepare you to face and crack the certification exam. With groups like KnowledgeHut, your search for the right place for preparation comes to an end.  

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