Why Do People Love Uraraka Ochaco From My Hero Academia?  

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Ochaco Uraraka is one of the main supporting characters in the Shounen anime and manga My Hero Academia. She appears to be one of the main love interests of Izuku Midoriya, the main protagonist of the story. Her hero name is Uravity, based on her quirk (power) to control gravity and levitate objects.

However, she is a very interesting character, always being regarded by the fan community to be one of the most mature in Class 1-A. But why is the fanbase like her so much? What makes her so attractive? Let’s find out!

Reasons Why We All Love Ochaco Uraraka  

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Various character traits of Uraraka make every My Herro Academia fan like her over other female protagonists in Shounen anime. Therefore, here are the best traits of Ochaco Uraraka Hentai (never Google this) that make her a lovable female character.

1. She Will Help Anyone Who Needs Help  

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No matter who is in trouble or if Uraraka has just met them, she will try her hardest to assist them. She shares that trait with Izuku, whom she prevents from falling during their first encounter by floating him, which accounts for their tight relationship.

Since her early years, she has wanted to better the lives of others. When she learned that her parents’ company was having financial problems and was informed that she couldn’t work for them, she decided to join the Pro Heroes to provide her family with just enough cash to make their lives better.

2. Uraraka Prefers To Rely Less On Others  

Uraraka Prefers To Rely Less On Others

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Throughout the Sports Festival matchup versus Bakugo, Uraraka showed off both her unyielding will and her wits. She obviously observed Izuku, taking inspiration from how he tackles battles and continuously picking up new strategies from his foes because she utilizes Bakugo’s Quirk versus him to plan a counterattack.

Even though she loses, Bakugo respects her after this, calling Izuku bothersome at first since he thought it had been the latter’s idea. The reality that she has Izuku’s plan in her grasp yet rejects it still demonstrates her self-assurance.

3. She Is Honest About Her Weaknesses  

She Is Honest About Her Weaknesses  

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She would benefit from some sort of hand-to-hand combat throughout her internship, as seen by her defeat to Bakugo. Afterward, in various situations, including a battle against the highly hazardous up close Himiko Toga, she may demonstrate her abilities.

The capacity for self-acceptance and improvement is one of her most remarkable traits. She has also been observed doing this regarding her crush on Izuku, where she directs all of her efforts into evolving into a perfect Pro Hero herself.

4. The Will To Help Others Keeps Her Driven  

The Will To Help Others Keeps Her Driven  

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Although she first gives the impression that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, this is only true in less formal social situations. When necessary, she exhibits a whole other side of herself.

The Sports Festival announcement is when this is first really put on display since obtaining attention and acknowledgment from many Pro Heroes would increase her family’s chances of earning more money. Although she grows unreasonably enthused to the point that other characters show signs of fear, her zeal is nevertheless endearing.

5. She Will Put Her Life On The Line To Save Others  

 She Will Put Her Life On The Line To Save Others

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All Might sees Izuku as being more of a hero than the Professionals who were standing about, even though leaping into saving someone else without thinking is a risky habit to have.

A prime illustration of this quality is Uraraka, primarily when she is motivated by Izuku’s bravery. She doesn’t think twice about flinging her at him while hugging him to calm him down as his Blackwhip Quirk turns out badly and spirals out of control, despite the risk to herself.

6. Materialistic Desires Do Not Motivate Her Frugal Needs  

Materialistic Desires Do Not Motivate Her Frugal Needs

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Although she is ostensibly motivated by financial gain by working as a Pro Hero, in reality, she is not the kind to be driven by money. She only desires to improve the lives of others.

Several inconsequential panels in the Uraraka manga give her money-saving advice, and one of those ideas is that she frequently skips meals. She is shown drifting off in another scene while claiming that staying up is expensive. Although they have a comic bent, they also poignantly highlight how modest her household is.

7. She Has An Unwaveringly Positive Mindset  

She Has An Unwaveringly Positive Mindset  

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In that she strives to look at things as favorably as she can, Uraraka is like Izuku. She isn’t naively optimistic. Instead, she realizes the brutal truth and confronts it with a grin.

She is objective enough to identify defects in items where they exist. She sometimes processes things negatively, as seen by her infatuation with Izuku, but ultimately does so and attempts to utilize it as motivation to advance. This is a hallmark of a real Pro Hero.

8. She Is Friendly Towards Everyone, With No Rivals  

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It’s often extremely simple to engage with her because she is a laid-back, genuine person with a funny side. Her inclination, to be frank, is the one major social defect she has. However, she typically views these times as endearing rather than malicious.

The finest example of this is the absence of any adversaries or rivals inside the U.A. She is extremely close to Tsuyu, Iida, and Izuku. Despite Bakugo becoming the latter’s close buddy, not one of them – outside of his customary temper – has ever shown aggression against her.

9. She Is Very Mature For Someone Of Her Age  

She Is Very Mature For Someone Of Her Age

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Uraraka is extremely forthright about her desire to become a hero, even though she is aware of how it may make her appear so that she may provide her family with a better quality of life. This is because she shares Izuku’s aim, which is to become a hero and give joy to others deep inside.

Ochaco still has heroic goals, even if she is too young to fully comprehend the severity of her family’s financial condition, demonstrating the sincerity of her overall intentions.

10. Her Goal Is To See Others Smile  

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Although she doesn’t tend to harbor resentments, she appears briefly envious after observing Izuku’s relationships with other girls. The Sports Festival is where we first see this with Mei Hatsume and subsequently with Melissa Shield.

She can overcome her sentiments of jealousy after spending some time with the other one and realizing they would be great friends. This demonstrates a high level of maturation on her behalf as she works to keep becoming better while putting love sentiments on hold.

Plus Ultra!  

Ochaco Uraraka is as cute as her name sounds. She has a very mature personality, can accept her flaws, and always works towards bettering herself. The entire MHA fanbase loves her caring personality, where she always helps others in need, even strangers. While her budding romance with the wielder of One For All might be the main crux, there is more than what meets the eye that makes her more interesting than others.

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