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Killing Stalking

Killing Stalking, the notorious Korean manhwa is anything but a romance. It is not yaoi that you can fantasize over. Indeed, there are great sexual tensions that will turn you on, but there is no romance or mental connections that should glorify this Manhwa as a great romance. 

The author of Killing Stalking Manga himself stated that the fans should not fantasize over Sangwoo or Bum in any way. Koogi never acknowledged the manga as a romance himself. There is also no confirmation of Sangwoo having any emotional connection with Bum from the author. 

A group of audience is happy with how gory, violent, and abusive this anime is. But another group shares an opposite feeling and is disturbed by the detail and the toxic tone of the story. 

The story of Killing Stalking adheres to various disturbing and negative human activities such as –Abuse, Torture, Rape, Necrophilia, Homophobia, Murder, Pedophilia, and Incest. 

I hate to say this, but people who are happy with the relationship between Yoon Bum and Sangoo then they really need to rethink what they are glorifying.

But the story is what it is. The manhwa artist Koogi has drawn the Manhwa Killing Stalking with great detail of each heinous criminal activity that a psychopath can ever imagine. For a psychological horror or thriller, Killing Stalking has reached an utmost limit that is worth talking about. 

So, I have made a short review of the anime/manhwa that will take you only five minutes to read. If you find the manga interesting, you can give this article a quick read. 

Killing Stalking Synopsis

Killing Stalking Synopsis

Yoon Bum, the protagonist of the Manhwa, is a quiet, scrawny, and ill boy. However, he has a crush on the most popular and handsome guy in the school named Oh Sangwoo. During Bum’s time in the army, Sangwoo rescued him from a rape attempt.  

After that event, Yoon becomes obsessively infatuated with Sangwoo, going to the length of breaking into Sangwoo’s house one day. The peak of Sangwoo’s obsession becomes his Kryptonite. When entering Sangwoo’s house, Bum finds a bruised woman tied up in the basement. 

Bum tries to save her, but Sangwoo spots him in the house. The story takes an unexpected twist as Sangwoo thrashes Bum’s leg with a hammer. Although Bum had feelings for Sangwoo, Sangwoo mercilessly puts him in a toxic relationship full of torture and sexual abuse. 

Introduction To Killing Stalking Characters

The killing stalking manhwa is disturbing with no moral facets to idolize it. Indeed it serves the purpose of a psychological thriller ( a great one, I might add), but the characters are more than what you may call “DARK.” 

Bum’s Stockholm syndrome is not something healthy to idolize. His acceptance of the abusive sexual relationship with Sangwoo is a toxic one to concern a reader.

Here are some brief character breakdowns of the characters of the anime–

Yoon Bum 

Yoon Bum

Yoon Bum, the anime protagonist, is a scrawny, underweight, short boy who faced an unimaginable childhood with his uncle’s pedophilic activities. He is short ( around 160 cm) and has an underdeveloped body. He has short straight black hair that parts in the middle of his head. In his twenties, Bum looks younger than his age and has a constantly depressing face. 

Bum lost his parents early and had an abusive childhood with his uncle. He has a shy, timid, and sensitive character who has trouble socializing. However, he is a sucker for affection; even a tiny bit of love can make him latch onto anyone. 

He suffered a childhood of bullying, abuse, and molestation. Also, rape attempts on him during his time in the military lowered his self-esteem. He feels disgusted about who he is and believes that he needs to be punished. He is naive, anxious, introverted, and depressed. His self-loathing personality has curved his character as a sensitive one. He is soft-spoken, insecure, and suffers from BPD anxiety. 

Oh Sangwoo

Oh Sangwoo

Sangwoo is– you can say– a venomous insect that looks attractive on the outside. On his exterior, Sangwoo is the complete opposite of who Yoon Bum is. Unlike Bum, Sangwoo is a friendly guy who is considerate, empathetic, and energetic.

He is the popular high school crush of most males and females in the school. He once saves Bum from being raped. He has a large friend circle and appears to be an extrovert. 

But, all of this positive aura is only a way of masking the true murderous intent that he hides inside. He is a sociopath, homophobic, abusive, cold-blooded murderer, and rapist. Sangwoo is a kidnapper who looks down on people around him and takes hedonistic pleasure in torturing, abusing, raping, and killing his victims.

The heinous traits of his character also prove him to be a necrophiliac and a narcissist. He beats his victims to death mercilessly when they are pleading for their lives. Sangwoo’s treatment of Bum reveals the true nature of his character. 

He is a heterosexual murderous manic who has no regard for human life. Sangwoo’s past with his mother, whom his father abused, greatly affected his character. His character shows signs of ASPD or antisocial personality disorder

Yang Seungbae 

Yang Seungbae

There is a victim, Bum, an antagonist, Sangwoo; then there is Yang Swungbae, the enemy of the antagonist. 

Yang is obsessed with catching Sangwoo. He suspects too much and has a prying eye that is beneficial for his investigation job. He also had a feeling that Sangwoo might have killed his parents. But his opinion brought him nothing but scolding from senior officer Park. 

He was going insane and had several outbursts of Hysteria and anger. His obsession with putting Sangwoo behind bars made him hallucinate. As he heard about Park’s death ( which he assumed Sangwoo to be responsible for), Yang slowly became determined to put an end to Sangwoo’s actions. 

He caught Sangwoo, rescued Bum, and got his job back afterward. 

Killing Stalking Manhwa Review

Killing Stalking Manhwa Review

As I said earlier, fans have mixed reactions to what Killing stalking stands for. If you check anime-planet Killing stalking reviews, you will see fans have rated the manhwa with different numbers. 

Some readers find the thriller exciting to read regardless of the abuse, perversion, murder, rape, torture, and bloodlust. Some readers feel eked out by how violent the series is. Many are curious and asking us where to read killing stalking. 

With extremely sensitive and violent visual storytelling, the author of Manhwa earns appreciation. With its thrilling storytelling, Killing Stalking Keeps the readers on their toes. 

As an abused and molested man, Bum may stimulate sympathy within the reader’s heart. Despite how Sangwoo looks, the vile aura that he conceals within will make your skin crawl. 

The Killing stalking manga keeps you hooked throughout as it takes you through various twists and turns. However, whether to recommend this manga to any reader puts me in a difficult position. 

The storytelling, detail, and art form of the manhwa are intriguing. But there is nothing positive or idolizing in this manhwa. It is totally inappropriate to call the Sangwoo-Bum relationship a positive one. Nothing is inspiring or enthusiastic in this manga. 

Readers accept it for the kind of manhwa it is; they still rate it ten out of ten. Similarly, there are readers who romanticize the Killing Stalking anime which makes me feel concerned about them. Anyway, if you are up for excessively violent content, this is a manga worth the read. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This manga is a controversial one. There are always questions regarding Killing Stalking. I have answered a few of them in this article– 

Is There An Anime Killing Stalking?

There is no Killing Stalking anime YET. But there are rumors about a new 3DCG anime being in development. So if you are one of those fans who want to watch the violent acts on screen, then good things are probably on your way. 

Why Is Killing Stalking Problematic?

Various inhuman acts like rape, abuse, mental and physical torture, narcissism, and necrophilia are shown with minute details throughout the manhwa by Korean artist Koogi. Such are the reasons for the anime being so problematic. 

Is Killing Stalking A Real Story?

The story is not real. (also, it is, in no way, a normal story) The story encompasses the ironic character of Oh Sangwoo, who appears to be a sociable guy but is a serial killer in reality. 

What Age Is Appropriate For Killing Stalking?

This manhwa is a very disturbing one, one that includes a conspicuously adult story with violence, molestation, rape, abuse, homophobia, necrophilia, and the likes. If you are not above 18, it would be best if you avoided this manhwa.

Should You Read Killing Stalking? 

As I stated earlier, the content of this manhwa is very sensitive and is only recommended for adult readers. If you are an adult reader who can bear this manhwa’s violence and sensitive story, you can go for it. However, many readers find it disturbing, so you need to read this at your own risk. 

Did you find this review useful? Don’t forget to share your ideas about this manhwa with us if you do. Also, you can ask any questions that you may have in the comment box. We will be quick to answer.

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