LGBT Supporters Applaud Thailand’s Most Recent Push for Same-Sex Marriage Legislation 

2 Mins Read Deepanwita Dey 01 Dec 2023
Most Recent Push for Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

There was an attempt by each of the two preceding regimes to pass a law concerning same-sex marriage. Nevertheless, it took them to leave through the lower chamber before dissolving parliament to facilitate national elections. Therefore, always gave rise to yet another cycle of beginning again about same-sex marriage in Thailand.

The advocates of LGBTQ rights believe that now is as good a moment as any to enact the law.

Thus, Thailand would be the second Asian country after Taiwan if the law on same-sex marriage was approved by the legislature on same-sex unions. Additionally, it will be the first in Southeast Asia.

Unfortunately, it was just a dream for Somphat and his gay partner because Thai law indicates that husband and wife should be one man and one woman.

In the meantime, Somphat simply said, “ I only have the mental planning to suffice me.”

However, he seemed pleased with joy because that might soon alter.

The Cabinet assented to the amendment of the civil and commercial code to include “any two individuals” in the definition of marriage last week. (Source)

The government expects speedy passage of the three votes to make the bill into law by next month.

However, it does not seem possible for the prime minister to be easily persuaded. He wants the parliament to discuss the bill the same day after it was introduced in parliament, Chai Watcharong, government spokesperson.

Upon his approval, they will have all the legal rights of a man and woman after marriage, he said.

Since everyone should be allowed to determine their lifestyles, we believe one should be allowed to say no. These are men and men, but they love each other. He added that they should have the right to be called “so”.

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