Top Tips When Searching For Tyres To Fit Your Motorcycle In Australia

published on: 20 July 2023 last updated on: 24 August 2023

Owning a motorbike comes with a lot of responsibility, and it is important that you keep yourself and your passengers safe at all times.

This is why top-quality motorcycle tyres are one of the most important parts of any motorcycle, and it is something that cannot be overlooked. This is the one thing that is keeping your motorcycle stuck to the road in the wettest of conditions, and your tyres are keeping you safe at all times.

You must make wise choices when it comes to purchasing tyres for your motorcycle, and the following are just some top tips to help you choose wisely. This article provides you with a guide on selecting the right tyres for your Motorcycle. 

Top Tips To Follow When Searching For The Tyres To Fit Your Motorcycle 

It is fantastic news that you are commuting around on a two-wheeled vehicle, and it is clear that you have done your research and have rightly figured out that driving a motorcycle in Australia is the best option every single time.

It allows you to be able to navigate your way through the many traffic jams easily, and you get to work before everyone else. The same rules apply on the way home, so you get to spend more quality time with your family.

Be Sure Of The Size –

Many people all across Australia tend to order motorcycle tyres online because they seem to be cheaper, and yet they don’t pay exact attention to the dimensions of the tire itself. It is acceptable to order a slightly wider tire, but it needs to fit the rim everywhere else so that you don’t experience an accident

This is a very important part of keeping you safe on the road. Research the size and other specifications that best suit your motorbike. Adequate size is undoubtedly one such problem that you must fix before heading out on the highways. 

Make Sure They Are Fit For Purpose –

We all ride different ways, so depending on your circumstances, you may want to choose a different tyre to meet your daily needs. If you are driving your motorcycle to work every day and back home again, choosing a hard-wearing touring tire would make a lot more sense. 

It would make absolutely no sense for you to buy something like semi-slick tyres for the same route. Take expert help from the experts when it comes to buying tyres for your bike. It is one of the must-haves that help you with the selection.

Always Check The Manufacturing Date –

If the price of a motorcycle tyre seems too good to be true, then it might be because it was manufactured some years back. Try to purchase tyres as young as possible and always make sure that it is no more than five years old. It is easy to check when the tyre was manufactured because all you need to do is look at the side wall.

Like everything that we buy, it usually boils down to price, and there are loads of quality tyres currently on the market that are extremely affordable and versatile.

Clearly, the bigger the bike you ride, the more expensive the tyres will be, so make sure you choose wisely and pick tyres that suit your wallet or purse. You should never take a chance with your safety when riding around on Australia’s roads, so always choose quality over price.

What Safety Guidelines Must You Follow While Riding On A Two-Wheeler?

Having quality wheels is one of the most important elements to ensure your safety while driving a two-wheeler on the road. You must be mindful and work religiously to select the most suitable tire for your bike. But at the same time, you also need to take care of many other aspects apart from the tyres. Let us try to understand them here in this section. 

Buy A Good Helmet 

Look at your helmet while you are riding your two-wheeler. The head is one of the most sensitive organs. Therefore you must ensure that you do not compromise on your helmet. It is one of the most basic requirements that you must have to keep yourself safe and secure.

Wear Safety Gear

Two-wheeler is always a risky affair, Australia or elsewhere. So a driver hitting the diverse terrains must be armed with the best safety gear. If you have riding gear on, it can save you from a sudden accident and prevent major physical damage. 

Apart from the Helmet, you also must have eye protection, non-slip soles, a good quality jacket, hand gloves, long pants, etc.

Refrain From Riding Under The Bad Weather

Australia is a great place for riding, without a doubt, but not during harsh weather conditions. Yes, driving anywhere on Earth in inclement weather when riding a motorbike is not safe. You may choose to shun driving, especially when you are driving in a rainy season. 

Check Your Bike Thoroughly Before You Ride

One of the things that you must keep in mind is to check your bike thoroughly before you set out. It must be a thumb rule before you are going. Check the tires, the brakes, and the clutch. At the same time, you must also make efforts to lessen every opportunity. 

Obey Traffic Rules

You will hear a lot of traffic accidents resulting in severe physical damage and also loss of life. Many of them take place because of non-adherence to the traffic laws. You must make sure that you obey the traffic rules.


Selecting the best quality and most suitable tyres defines your highway safety and security. Therefore, what you need is to consider the points that we mentioned above while selecting the tyres for your car. High-quality tyres give you protection from damage. Therefore, all you need is to follow discipline when it comes to driving. You must also adhere to some other safety measures besides the tyres. Safety must be your first priority.

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