5 Reasons Why Brembo Brakes Are Worth Purchasing    

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Brembo Brakes

If you’re searching for a dazzling new sports vehicle or bike, you’ve probably already seen an array of extra features and accessories added to models that increase their appeal and make them appear more functional and athletic.

Besides components such as the suspension, engine, and transmission, brakes are usually the focal point of attention in high-performance vehicles. High-end vehicles provide an aesthetically pleasing experience and smoothness, mainly when they come with Brembo brakes.

Brembo brakes are highly regarded and promoted by car dealers, car companies, and car spare sellers like https://www.rolan.com.au/brand/brembo. But what exactly are they? What makes the performance brakes unique, and why should you get these for your vehicles?

Here is a look at the reasons.

5 Reasons To Consider Purchasing Brembo Brakes

  1. Even Braking Distribution
  2. Materials Used For Friction
  3. Brake Lightness (or the highest weight/stiffness ratio)
  4. Dimensions
  5. The Systematic Approach

1. Even Braking Distribution

In competitive events, effective stopping on the road is not only based on the capabilities of the front system, as rear brake systems are also vital, particularly for sportier automobiles, distinguished by a more balanced distribution of two wheels.

Braking Distribution

Famous car makers in the world get integrated engineering services for new car models. With this high-end performance brake engineering, getting more integrated and effective brake systems for motorists is possible, guaranteeing the highest vehicle stopping performance.

Professionals of the company thoroughly examine the rear brake systems for their spectacular performance. Top sports cars with these brake systems in the front and back ensure optimal brake balance and shorter stopping distances.

2. Materials Used For Friction

The friction coefficient is a vital factor that impacts the torque of braking. Similar to the size used, the material is also a factor responsible for differentiating brake categories. For instance, carbon ceramic discs have a more significant friction coefficient of 12 percent than cast iron.


Similar to the material used, the finish of the disc can be crucial to the amount of friction it produces. The slotted and drilled discs in this high-performance system guarantee a higher grip, starting right from the beginning of the stopping process, and offer a faster and more efficient response for the stopping system than the standard disc.

3. Brake Lightness (or the highest weight/stiffness ratio)

It is not feasible to increase your system size however you want since expanding the scope of the system’s components increases the weight of the non-suspended mass, which reduces the car’s overall performance.

 Brake Lightness

One of the primary characteristics of the performance brake system is its weightlessness, which is a part of all braking components.

4. Dimensions

When talking about car braking performance, size is a fundamental factor. The braking torque of these performance brakes is due to three elements:

  • The effective radius of the disc
  • The clamping force of the caliper
  • The friction coefficient

The bigger the disc’s diameter, the larger the brake’s torque. A larger disc augments the effective radius, leaving other factors unaffected, and the braking torque in such a performance braking system increases. Sizes and dimensions for the pads matter due to the heat exchange.

A larger pad allows for the efficient disposal of heat. Also, it reduces the tendency of the brake system to fade, which permits the application of the brakes frequently in rapid intervals compared to a smaller pad.

Additionally, the size and piston size in the caliper are directly proportional to the torque of such braking. The force of clamping influences both brakes, and the more the caliper’s clamping force is, the higher the capability of the caliper will be to exert pressure on the pads. It will ultimately result in better braking power, thus making it more worthwhile than other braking systems.

5. The Systematic Approach

With the highest quality of integration and efficiency to ensure quality, comfort, and reliability throughout the future, the company provides complete integration with its unique system approach and detailed understanding of the vital components of the braking system.

Systematic Approach

The brakes use system logic, as all the braking components are internal (discs and calipers, pads, and hubs), making performance brakes a complete brake system. Thus, Brembo’s brakes are ideal for fulfilling the stopping needs of high-performance vehicles.


Whether to have performance brakes or not is a matter of personal preference and the type of vehicle you’re driving.

There is a way to add performance brake systems to several cars, but few models don’t need the extra braking power.

So, the addition of bigger performance brakes isn’t required. However, don’t despair if your supercar can only stop at 100 km/h in 2.2 seconds. High-end performance brake systems can improve the braking performance, whether you’re a sports or luxury car owner looking for extra performance or safety.


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