Why Is Sangwoo From Killing Stalking So Scary? Must Read If You Are Waiting For Sangoo Anime

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Sangwoo anime fans are unstoppable. Their interest in this handsome psychopathic murderer makes it a hot topic to discuss. 

Killing stalking earns its reputation as a controversial manhua thanks to the dark-horror thriller genre it adheres to. The secondary protagonist Sangwoo of the Killing Stalking Manhua is one of the scariest serial killers we have ever watched in any movies or read about in any stories. 

So, who is Sangwoo? To know that, I have to talk to you about the Korean Manhua named Killing Stalking. Illustrated by an artist named Koogi, it is the winner of the Second Lezhin World Comics Contest. You can read it both in English and Korean languages. 

Killing Stalking exhibits murder, human depravity, abuse, and the toxicity of human nature in close detail. 

Sangwoo, the antagonist of the Manhua, acts as the center of all these vile actions and intentions. Through the hands of Koogi, Sangwoo becomes one of the deadliest serial killers of Manhua history. 

But how scary is Sagwoo? And why is Sangwoo from Killing Stalking so scary? We dedicate this article to finding that out. We will discuss the plot of Killing Stalking and also elaborately talk about Sangwoo in this article.

Killing Stalking & The Character Of Sangwoo

Killing Stalking & The Character Of Sangwoo

The Manhua entertains a growing culture with the kinks for conventionally pretty-looking murderers. The same thing that makes sangwoo look bad makes him all the more attractive to The audience that responds to such taste. 

Many fans of the Killing Stalking Manhua are eagerly waiting for the Sangwoo anime. All they want is to see the character of sangwoo from a more life-like perspective. The rumor of a 3DCG adaption of Killing Stalking makes the future look bright for the sangwoo anime fans. So, if you are waiting for a Killing Stalking anime show, then happy days are not far from you. 

Sangwoo Anime/ Killing Stalking Plot 

Killing Stalking Plot 

Killing Stalking webtoon of the Manhua demonstrates the life of Yoon Bum, a mentally ill young man who has suffered physical and sexual abuse his whole life. Once caught up in a rape attempt, Yoon gets rescued by Oh Sangwoo, the second protagonist of Killing Stalking. 

Yoon’s Gratitude for Sangwoo turns into infatuation, and infatuation turns into obsession. One day, Yoon broke into Sangwoo’s house while Sangwoo was absent. To his surprise, Yoon discovers a woman tied up in Sangwoo’s basement. She was badly injured and bruised. 

Before he is able to free her, Sangwoo discovers Yoon and breaks his ankles. Although Bum previously had feelings for Sangwoo, he puts Bum in a physically, mentally, and sexually abusive relationship. 

The outcome of this relationship is horrifying and disturbing. Despite Sangwoo’s toxic Behavior, fans still simp on this serial killer. But, what are the reasons for fans to simp on Sangwoo? Here is a Sangwoo anime character breakdown to help you out–

Sangwoo Anime Character Breakdown

Do you know why Sangwoo fans simp on Sangwoo? Because he is a deadly handsome psychopathic killer. 

Who Is Sangwoo? 

Who Is Sangwoo

Sangwoo is the second main character in killing Stalking Manhua. He is the antagonist who maintains a fake appearance of a sociable person on the outside but is a murderer on the inside. 

If you want me to describe sangwoo in a short sentence, then I will describe him as–  

Homophobic cold-blooded murderer. He is a sadistic, narcissistic sociopath who takes pleasure in harming others.  

Sangwoo’s sociable and extroverted appearance on the outside makes him the deadliest character in the killing stalking manga

Why Is Sangwoo In Killing Stalking So Scary? 

Why Is Sangwoo In Killing Stalking So Scary

Sangwoo maintains a jolly appearance on the outside. He is empathetic, gentle, and considerate about people around him. Sangwoo attracted a circle of friends with his joyful behavior, smiling face, and playful eyes. 

But, all of these fake appearances are nothing but extra skin to mask his venomous, psychopathic, and killer intention hidden within. His true nature is to kidnap people, and abuse and torture them. Eventually, he rapes and murders his victims showing no mercy to their plea for life. 

Sangwoo’s behavior towards his victims makes him the scariest antagonist we have ever met. He shifts his emotional display from a fake merciful person to a violently hostile one.

Sangwoo is also a necrophiliac character who abuses the deceased corpses of his dead victims. He gropes the dead bodies of his victims and rapes them once they are dead following his prolonged torture. 

Why Is Sangwoo A Psychopath? 

Why Is Sangwoo A Psychopath

Sangwoo’s father used to abuse his mother when she was pregnant with Sangwoo; she suffered from mental instabilities and also decided to abort the baby. When sangwoo was growing up, he and his mother faced his father’s tortures. 

When you bring out this question, we cannot ignore his mental state. The psychopathic, necrophiliac, and murderous character of Sangwoo refer to symptoms of ASPD. 

His murderous character most probably comes from ASPD. He manipulates people into thinking that he is a good person, while inside, he has vile intent to murder or torture the people around him. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sangwoo is a psychopath; there is no doubt about that. However, if you have any more questions related to Killing Stalking or Sangwoo anime, then you can read these popularly asked questions.

Why Is Sangwoo Crazy?

Sangwoo is crazy, and that is how the artist Koogi portrayed his character. He sexually abuses his victims before killing them. He is also a necrophiliac. He is homophobic and wouldn’t hesitate to kill men, women, and even children. 

Is Killing Stalking Getting An Anime?

Some fans are happy with how the manhwa is, while some are concerned about how it will look like an anime since it is already as disturbing as a manhwa. Anyways, there are rumors that a 3DCG anime is in development. However, no studio has still confirmed to be working on any such project. 

Is Sangwoo A Psychopath?

Sangwoo is indeed a psychopath. He brutally tortures and murders his victims. He is a rapist and a cold-blooded murderer who does all of it for pleasure. The character is a very disturbing one, although many fans find him attractive for his conventionally pretty look. 

Bottom Line

There are many manhwa and anime with stories of psychopathic murders; Sangwoo anime Killing Stalking surpasses all of them. This character is an utmostly disturbing one. The story is very controversial for the violent and adult story plot it has. 

If you are interested in reading such content, you can go ahead and read it. However, judging how violent the series is, I will suggest not reading the series.

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