Why Removing A Tree Could Be A Smart Idea

published on: 08 January 2024 last updated on: 06 June 2024
Removing A Tree

It’s no secret that trees can have very long lifespans, in fact, they live longer than humans and maybe most other animals on the earth, that is of course unless human intervention takes place.

If it doesn’t then, depending on the species, trees have lives that range from around 100 years to several thousand years. There is one species, as it happens that lives a lot longer than the others. With a lifespan of more than 5,000 years, the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva) is considered to be the oldest living tree.

Why Not Just Let Them Be

Learning a little more about the average lifespan of trees, and finding out the immense lifespan of the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine Pinus longaeva) could have you feeling a little sentimental.

After all, these intriguing works of art were here long before mankind and may well still be here when the time comes for humans to move on. With that, you could be asking yourself the question, why on earth would Northern Beaches tree removal want to remove a tree anyhow? What’s it ever done to deserve being chopped at an early ending?

Tree Extermination Or Tree Removal?

Tree Removal

As it happens, the topic of this conversation quite clearly focuses on tree removal, not tree extermination so, there is a chance that the tree could be uprooted and moved elsewhere should the conditions be suitable enough for it to survive.

That’s not to say that some trees that are intended for removal actually do end up dying and being used in other ways, for the most part though, the clue really is in the name.

Of these, there are numerous reasons why removing a tree could well be a smart idea, consider the following if you will… There are times when it isn’t simply a matter of man chopping and killing just because he can, perhaps…

  • The space is needed for construction 
  • Existing land becomes polluted 
  • The tree becomes a danger or a hazard
  • Somebody just wants to move it elsewhere
  • The land becomes inhabitable for whatever reason
  • The tree looks better elsewhere

You’ll find that there is a mixture of reasons as to why a tree requires removal, some of which could be deemed unnecessary, equally though, there are probably just as many reasons to move a tree for its own good too!

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Potentially Last Forever 

Despite the introduction making it pretty clear that the longest living species of tree is the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva), which clearly has sustainable living down to a t,  there are numerous sources that make claim to the idea of Christmas trees living forever.

Truth be told, they don’t often die from old age, rather, they are chopped down in order to provide people with trees that they can decorate and use for the Christmas season.

Three Reasons Why Removing A Tree Is Smart Idea

Why Removing Trees Is Smart Idea

While in its true continuous cutting down trees has led to degradation and loss of land and ill effects on climate changes. But there are still some good reasons as to why removing excess trees is a smart idea. 

Sustainable Timber 

We use trees to make all kinds of things from paper to houses. So, it’s essential for us to look after our forests to have a continuous supply of timber.  

Wood is sustainable in nature thus helps you live an eco-friendly lifestyle. But wood is also a renewable source that cannot be found in abundance. So, you must follow a specific forestry standard to smartly remove trees sustainably. 

This means having a forest where wildlife and nature thrive, and you have spaces to grow timber as well. You get to use these timbers as resources to meet human needs without disturbing the natural habitats of wildlife.  

These forests would follow certain guidelines regarding sustainable forestry standards noting both national and international standards. Therefore, enabling you to access sustainable timber without dis balancing nature. 

To Keep Us Safe 

You know when nature takes its course it can create a mess, especially during storms and rain. Trees grow uncontrollably without human interruptions. This leads to excess branches that can hinder the forest trails used for leisure walks, hiking and strolls in the forest. 

Several people visit forests to camp, exercise and relax in nature. This is only possible when the forest is risk free, like having proper trails, play areas or walking trails. So having a forest that caters to people’s needs can only help you enjoy nature.  

So, how can you remove trees smartly to keep you safe? During storms. Old trees get uprooted, or trees lose branches. These excess timbers can be used to make things for us. 

Like furnitures, decorations, for construction purposes and so on, especially when you remove old trees risk of falling. This way you get timber and keep individuals out of harm. 

To Control Diseases And Pests 

You might be aware how diseases and pests can cause havoc in our lives. Therefore, if trees get ill or wildlife living in the forests are spreading diseases, then trees need to be cut down. This helps contain diseases and excess damage to the forest habitat. 

Again, during pest infestation in forests, the only way to control the damage is through cutting trees. This helps contain pests and diseases related to pests with an area avoiding excess damage. 

So, during diseases and pests spread the only smart action plan is through cutting the trees. 


When you think about it most trees that you’ve ever seen are chopped down by somebody, or something. They didn’t simply decide that they’d had enough one day and deliberately made a conscious effort to take up their roots and lay down. 

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