If We Take Care Of Our Trees – They Will Take Care Of Us.

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published on: 10 October 2022 last updated on: 11 October 2022
Our Trees

It is quite possible that there isn’t anyone out there who doesn’t understand the importance of trees and the crucial role that they play in the whole life cycle.

It’s likely that you have been taught in school about such things but maybe you have forgotten a lot of what was told to you. Many families make a real effort to try to plant at least one tree in the garden and not only does it help to create shade and to reduce our cooling bills but also keeps us one step closer to nature.

The many trees throughout the world are used to protect the soil, cool the planet, and provide somewhere for many animals and birds to live.

This is why it is so incredibly important that we all take real steps to do our bit for the environment and to reduce our overall carbon footprints.

There are many government initiatives encouraging you to plant more trees on your property and in order for these trees to grow up to be big and strong, there is one essential thing that they need and they are called tree stakes.

These are the very things that will protect your young sapling as it matures and grows into a large tree and without these, it would likely fall over and not be able to hold itself up.

It is true to say that if you take care of your trees then they will pretty much take care of you and your family. They provide us with many health benefits and the following are just some of those.

There Are Stress Reducers –

plant more trees

There are been many reports on this and statistics tell us that when we are in green spaces and are surrounded by trees, our stress and anxiety levels reduce almost immediately and we live a more enjoyable lifestyle.

The trees also give us a sense of perspective and they allow us to figure out our place on this planet and how insignificant we are when we compare our life spans to that of our trees. Many trees can live for hundreds of years and during that time there doing what they can for the environment and for us.

They Clean The Air –


The trees that we surround ourselves with help to rid us of air pollution not only in our own countries but all over the world.

The trees themselves remove millions of tons of air pollution every single year and this helps to reduce sickness levels from breathing issues, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and many other illnesses.

They also help to cool down the earth and that is a major problem at the moment and it is really affecting the climate and the food chain as well.

Trees provide an excellent source of learning for our children and schools frequently take the kids out into the forests to let them see the many bugs and animals that live there.

Children can learn more in a forest than they would in the course of a year in a classroom and so we need to take care of this essential resource.

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