Reasons Why You Should Consult A Podiatrist

published on: 28 July 2022 last updated on: 21 April 2023

When we think about matters like full body checkups, we rarely keep our feet into consideration. When it is one of the most important parts of our body. You walk, you run, and you do all sorts of physical activities depending on your feet and legs.

Therefore, it is important to understand the different parts of your body, their importance, and how well you are going to take care of them.

Today we will be talking about your feet and why you need to consult a podiatrist. In this excerpt below, you will get ten reasons why you need to consult a podiatrist.

What Is A Podiatrist?

Yes, we have doctors who will exclusively cater to your feet. They are devoted to the diseases and disorders which occur in your feet, ankle, and other structure of the leg. You can consult Dr. Ivan Silva today.

Here is why you would need to consult a podiatrist.

1. Joint Pain In Feet & Ankle

Joint pain arises from arthritis, and it is a common bone problem that hits you with the lack of calcium in your body or your body’s inability to break down collagen with age. Therefore, if you have just started feeling joint pain in your ankles and feet, it is time to go see a podiatrist. With this, you can visit which offers a range of professional Podiatrist services, including custom orthotics, footwear modifications, and gait analysis, to help you maintain healthy and comfortable feet.

2. Heel Pain

Are you feeling a constant pain in your heel that is preventing you from doing the day-to-day activity? These can be caused by inflamed tendons (tendons connect the heel). The reason could also be bony growth, and you are not able to walk on that growth because of the constant pressure.

3. A Painful Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown nail is extremely painful, and the pain can increase if you are not getting rid of it professionally. No matter what you do, do not pull on it, as it can swell up the entire nail. If you have a nail that is even preventing you from wearing your favorite pair of shoes, go to a podiatrist today.

4. You Start Running Everyday

If you have started running every day and you are pushing yourself towards a new goal, that could cause a lot of strain on your feet. These pains can come in the form of cramps, sprains, and even twists. Therefore, if you are officially a runner, it is time to go see the podiatrist.

5. You Have Diabetes

One of the worst side effects of diabetes is the constant foot problems that you have to deal with. Your feet are subjected to a low blood supply, which can cause unnecessary pain due to physical strain on the foot, or your wounds might not heal. With diabetes, the podiatrist is a regular checkup that you just put on your calendar.

6. You Have A Sprain Which Is Paining

Sprains are not that common, but when you get you, you get it. It could be from a mild twist while running or cramps from walking for too long. Whatever the reason is, it is not worth going to a doctor, right?

Yes, but only when the sprain is minor, and the pain subsides within a few minutes or hours. However, if this was your first day of workout, and you strained yourself jumping the ropes, the pain might not go away. This is when you will need a podiatrist.

7. You Have Corn & Callus

Corn and callus are built-up skin, which generally occurs around your toes, little finger, and sometimes in between the toes. There are multiple factors that can cause them, but unhealthy care of your feet and wearing the wrong shoes. This is

This could be extremely painful if you let them grow without treating them properly. Therefore, if the corn or callus is getting even mildly painful, it is time you see a podiatrist.

8. You Have An Athlete’s Foot

An athlete’s foot is when you have itchy, scaly, and flaky skin between the toes. It is a form of fungal infection, and simple anti-fungal cream can do wonders.

However, if you have been using the cream for quite some time and still haven’t been able to receive any result from the other end, then going to the podiatrist is the rightful decision.

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