Reasons Why You Could Be Falsely Accused Of A Crime

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Falsely Accused

Getting arrested in front of all your family and neighbors.

Not being able to defend your innocence while you are handcuffed. All the while, when you know in your heart you haven’t done anything is an excerpt right from one’s nightmare.

If you find this predicament, or you are anticipating it, then immediately call for a Los Angeles Violent Crimes Attorney.

Legal help and understanding what you are up for is the only thing that will give you some solace.

What Is Being Falsely Accused

A false accusation is when you are arrested for a crime that you have not committed. Some of the common violent crimes individuals get falsely accused of are-

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– Larceny.

– Arson causing death or property damage.

– Sexual crime like harassment or rape.

– Manslaughter.

– Murder.

– Attempt to murder.

You will not be deemed a criminal before you are taken to trial and the judge has voiced his/her judgment of you being guilty.

But the salacious slander does follow from the victim’s family and others, for you and your family continue until you are proven innocent.

Generally, after an arrest, there is a possibility of no trial, bail, or exculpation. However, neither bail nor exculpation can occur unless the lawyer is able to provide strong proof of your innocence or the detective in charge of your case has received conclusive evidence of your innocence.

Plus, if the crime is a violent one, the trial is obvious.

Why Are You Falsely Accused

Once you are falsely accused, you will have the right to call for a lawyer to represent you. They will start their investigation to find evidence that will work for you and challenge the opposition.

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1. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

This is a common circumstance for you to be accused of a false crime. Most of the time, when someone is present at the scene of the crime, the suspicion against them is the strongest.

At times like this, if you do not have a solid alibi, you and your lawyer have to look for other concrete proof that will ensure your innocence in court. However, false criminal charges are not always that simple, and the one below is proof of that.

2. Malicious Attempt By Someone

This has been seen in sexual or other cases of abuse where a vengeful partner will try to gather false proof of their ex and accuse them. It is not very common, but if you are accused of a personal crime, then ask your lawyer to look into this matter.

A broken relationship of any kind where you have not ended things on good terms is the first place to begin an investigation. Some people can go to any length with their vindictive nature.

Do not try to converse and level with them because that will only make the case against you worse. Let the lawyer do most of the talking.

3. A Case Of Mistaken Identity

During a crime like manslaughter, arson, or larceny, a good amount of weightage is put on witness statements. A witness might identify the wrong person and make their first arrest based on it.

In such a case, proving your innocence is not a difficult task if you have the right alibi and someone to corroborate.

4. Misleading Forensic Evidence

Misleading forensic evidence is the biggest reason for the arrest. Some of the common evidence that the police find and tend to make their arrest are fingerprints, hair, clothing fibers, and even DNA samples.

These are important pieces of evidence to find the culprit, but they can sometimes mislead to a different and innocent individual.

5. Set By The Culprit

The culprit themselves can set up an innocent person for their crime. Since getting away from the prying eyes of police gets difficult, they try to plant false evidence against the people who were present at the time of the crime.

Another way they could cause an innocent to take the blame is to pose as a witness and give false statements against the innocent party.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curiosity and confusion are common when suddenly your world seems topsy and turvy with this false accusation. However, you are not the only one to have been dealing with this predicament.Truth concept arrangement with balance

It has happened before, and fortunately, people have shared their tales for you to collect data. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about this situation.

1. Can Be Falsely Accused Prevent Me From Getting A Job

Ans. There are some jobs that might bat an eye if they see the false arrest and accusation on your document, but if you are a potential employee with the right skillset they are looking for, they will interrogate you regarding the arrest.

However, you can plead with the judge to remove the charges and ensure that the charges do not show up on your record when the verdict has proved you innocent.

If the news of your arrest has been a part of some newspaper, then a few requests to the publishing house can make them deindex any article from any search result.

However, when it was a false accusation, and you have been proven innocent in a court of law, there shouldn’t be much trouble.

2. How Long Will It Take?

Ans. If you are asking this, you are probably already getting impatient, which is not the right way to deal with his situation. It is not just a matter of time; you might also be looking at a high budget for your innocence with all the court dates and investigation fees.

However, being patient and working towards proving your innocence is the right thing to do. Because, at the end of the day, just being innocent is not enough.

You cannot sit down and do nothing because sometimes even the law is not mistake-proof, and the prisons do have individuals who ‘didn’t do it.’


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