Real Estate Postcards: Things To Know

published on: 04 August 2022 last updated on: 12 October 2023
Real Estate Postcards

Postcards are essential and intricate marketing tools for any organization that generates new leads and raises brand awareness.

Similarly, postcards for real estate are an excellent technique to market and advertise open houses and create relationships with possible consumers.

They are not only valuable and vital, but they are also inexpensive and simple to manufacture.

How Is It Effective?

Real estate cards have been utilized successfully for decades by profitable agents and companies. They provide you with the ideal opportunity to precisely target local markets and show prospects that you are an expert in your field.

Here are five reasons that make real estate cards effective:

  • They are rapid and help produce leads easily
  • Affordability
  • Easy way to attract customers
  • Promote brand awareness.

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Different Categories of Postcards

Real estate cards

A well-designed card will result in both immediate and long-term outcomes

  • Listed/ Sold
  • Updates on the Market
  • Automated Valuation of Seller
  • Postcards for Fun

#1 Listed/ Sold

In addition to your customary just listed and recently sold cards, you should send out open house postcards under contract. These factors will assist in making your brand a household name in the area. Any campaign to farm real estate postcards must begin with these. If you’re not sure how to start, you can learn how to send out postcards with this guide.

#2 Updates on the Market

These cards take a little longer to complete because you’ll likely need to draw on your professional experience to fill in the details that your real estate company will be looking for. Additionally, the data needs to be adjusted for the areas in which you operate.

It can refer to a specific condominium complex in an exceedingly urban context, or in a more rural situation, it could refer to a zip code or even a town.

You want to provide relevant information for the best outcomes. Because you are providing them information on the real estate market that they are interested in reading, your real estate company should anticipate receiving your cards for reference.

#3 Automated Valuation of Seller

Computer algorithms are used in modern systems to create appraisals. They consist of a message notifying the receiver that they will obtain a house valuation if they take specific measures. Typically, this entails visiting a website, scanning a QR code, etc.

However, the objective here is not to provide the client with the most accurate appraisal possible but rather to initiate a conversation about what a homeowner’s home might sell for.

#4 Postcards for Fun

These are your real estate filler postcards for real estate. They are not ideal because they don’t immediately connect to real estate, but they can still fill in the gaps and make people happy, serving as a reminder to help them when required.

These cards are probably appreciated as well, especially if they offer anything useful, like a recipe postcard. A custom postcard is a unique way to reach your customers or clients. Sending a custom postcard with a thoughtful message or valuable information can leave a lasting impression and strengthen your connection with your audience.

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How to Utilize Them in the Right Way?

Where you live is the first location to which your real estate farming cards should be directed.

It is ideal to start there unless this is simply a bad farm site for some reason (like many other agents living there are already farming it with cards).

real estate postcard utilization

Next, look for places you’ve been to before. It was realized that the hard way of simply arranging listing appointments does not guarantee that those listing presentations will result in genuine listings. You won’t be in a position to close the sale if you can’t agree on a place.

It would help if you searched for regions that meet the following requirements:

1. A minimum annual turnover rate of 6% (6 percent of houses sold each year).
2. No single agent sells more than 25% of the homes.


Any real estate agent can benefit from using postcards as a marketing tool. They are a tried-and-true, cost-effective marketing strategy for real estate experts. A well-designed card will result in both immediate and long-term outcomes.

At the absolute least, more people will sign up for your website and send you emails, maybe on the same day that your cards are delivered. Ideally, you’ll receive more phone calls seeking to buy and sell homes on your real estate farm.


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