How A Real Estate Attorney Or Agent Can Be A Helpful Resource

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Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney or agent can be a helpful resource during your home purchase. They can advise you about legal issues that may arise and help ensure the documents you sign are correct.

Realtors typically charge 6% of the sale price of a home. This represents their commission and any fees negotiated in the transaction.

Legal Advice

The legal advice given by a real estate attorney or agent is critical to the success of a property transaction. Many jurisdictions make it a legal requirement that property transactions must go through an attorney’s input before closing.

This advice can help you navigate complex property issues like easements, rights of way, and encroachment disputes. In addition, it can prevent problems down the road.

A lawyer who specializes in real estate law can also advise you on the tax consequences of your transaction. They can also review several years’ worth of the co-op or condo’s board minutes to catch problems that could affect you later on.

The best source of advice on hiring a real estate lawyer is from someone you trust. A buyer’s agent, for example, will know which attorneys have done a good job in the past and can recommend them.

Contract Review

real estate deal

Contract review is a crucial part of any real estate deal. It helps reduce legal and financial risks and ensures that the terms of the agreement are legally binding.

In most cases, contract reviewers are junior lawyers and paralegals who read through agreements looking for certain details (e.g., in M&A transactions, what happens on assignment and change of control under target company’s agreements; in contract management database population exercises, items the company chooses to track) and then put their findings into summary charts.

These summary charts are further refined by more senior people. Typical examples include organized lists of verbatim clauses, summarized provisions, and answers to questions.

This process can be a time-consuming task and adds to the workload of in-house lawyers. When large volumes of contracts come in for review, or colleagues make unexpected requests, bottlenecks, and delays can occur which lead to a slower time to contract.

Title Opinion

A title opinion is an opinion by an attorney that a property owner has legal rights to the land. It can be issued for different purposes, including obtaining a mortgage on a property.

A real estate attorney or agent will perform a title search, which involves looking through the public records to identify any issues with a property. Those issues can include deed transfers, claims, and mortgages that have been transferred improperly.

It also includes easements, restrictions on use, and covenants that restrict the land. These items should be listed on the opinion, along with what must be done to ensure the property is conveyed with a clear title.

There are many different types of title opinions, such as drilling titles, drill site tracts, supplemental titles, acquisition title opinions, and division order title opinions. Each type of opinion is geared to the particular needs of the client.



Negotiations are a vital part of the real estate sales process. A good real estate attorney or agent can help facilitate negotiations between buyers and sellers, ensuring that all parties are satisfied with the terms of their sale.

Real estate lawyers have a deep understanding of the law and how to apply it to their clients’ needs. They also have strong communication skills, which help them maintain rapport with their clients.

A good negotiator should put themselves in the other person’s shoes. This allows them to understand the other party’s perspective and feelings, which can often make negotiation easier.

Negotiation is a strategic discussion that involves concessions and conflict resolution. Depending on the situation, this may take the form of distributive negotiation or integrative negotiation.

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