Rape Culture – The Truth Behind & How To Take An Action Against It

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Rape Culture

Trigger Warning: This article will talk about rape and instances of sexual assault. If these terms trigger you, please proceed with caution.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term, “rape culture.” For many among the female population, a grotesque picture of violent sexual assault comes up. Enough for chills down our spine.

Even though women, in general, are on high alert when it comes to any form of sexual assault case, rape culture is not so far-fetched. In fact, the negative impact of patriarchy is conditioning many to either promote or accept instances of sexual assault because it is “normal.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the appropriate rape culture definition!

What Is Rape Culture?

Normalizing any instances of sexual violence and saying it’s common for the alleged culprit to do so. Most importantly, the newest trend of victim blaming which is increasing the anxiety meter of every sexual assault survivor.

There is a plethora of harm which a societal rape culture is causing. Preventing an aggrieved person from speaking up when they have experienced such a painful scene is just scratching the surface.

So, what should we do on the side of logic? Is there nothing we can contribute to make this wrong right?

  • First is education.
  • The second is awareness.
  • Third is action.

For someone who is tired of seeing women suffering from the normalizing of these toxic patriarchal behaviors, this is your chance to speak up!

In this excerpt below, we will be detailing what rape culture is and how you can fight it.

The Pressure

The Pressure
Why put the pressure on us to protect ourselves?

When we talk about this dystopian ideology of normalizing bad behavior, we are also pressuring the majority of the victims to comply with a certain type of living. This creates pressure for women to confine their lifestyle choices in order to choose safety.

Often we hear verses like:

  • Do not go for a run at night; it is not safe for you.
  • Try to be on high alert when going out; if possible, carry a self-defense weapon.
  • When drinking, always carry your drink wherever you go. Your drink might get spiked with other substances.
  • Prevent solo traveling in certain places.
  • When going out at night, try to join a group or have a male counterpart for “protection.”
  • When someone you are not interested in approaches you, say you have a boyfriend. This prevents uncomfortable encounters.

(These are some common phrases women in the USA hear. Making it the most disgusting representation of American rape culture).

Although you will hear most of these phrases from people you know or love, it is still not the way to live any life. 

Is there any point in being in this cage of “self-protection” like the world is a field of volatile dynamites_, and our entire life is all about not stepping on one?

This is where the “pressure” of restricting one’s career and lifestyle comes in. In order to prevent any sexual crime from being a woman’s reality, they have to take the necessary precautions. Although self-preservation is a matter of surviving in any society, it does get frustrating when it becomes the motto of someone’s life.

Maybe it is high time we pay attention to these cues and prevent the spreading of ‘rape culture’ like normal.

How To Fight Rape Culture

This is a prevalent social issue which is not much talked about. Mostly because, in some cases, even the aggrieved individual doesn’t realize they just encountered a sexual assault. This brings us to the very first action.


Phrases Which Are Wrong & Promote Rape Culture

One can speak up when they know they are wronged. However, getting overwhelmed is not uncommon when the subject is as vast as this. This is why you should begin educating young women who are entering adulthood against a few phrases. These phrases have been normalized by many under the surveillance of patriarchy.


“Boys will be boys.”

“If they are being bad they like you.”

“What were you wearing?”

“Did you encourage him?”

“She asked for it.”

“Don’t be so close to a boy if you can’t give him anything.”

“There are too many false reports.”

“No doesn’t always mean no.”

“But you two are together.”

In the height of rape culture, these are some of the phrases any young impressionable woman hears, which makes them question their claim. 

Phrases You Should Educate Them With

When it comes to debunking certain myths of rape culture, alerting them against it is one way to impart knowledge. It is high time people understand it is not a myth. In fact, it is a toxic rendition of what is normalized in our society.

Phrases You Should Educate Them With
No she is not asking for it!

FACTS! – How every man & woman can take action against rape culture

  • Inflation of false report cases doesn’t minimize the seriousness of your case.
  • Male dominance is not an excuse for physical and sexual aggression.
  • Your clothing choices are not an invitation.
  • No means no; maybe it is also a ‘no,’ silence is also a ‘no.’ If someone is mentally compromised due to a substance, that is also a ‘no.’ It is an automatic no if they are underage (…yes, even 17).
  • A relationship doesn’t mean any act of sex is always permitted.
  • You define your manhood and womanhood, and it is not a matter of societal stereotypes. Therefore, take actions according to one’s principles.
  • Avoid using language that degrades someone sexually. They are not normal, no matter what certain cinema tells you.
  • Pluck up the courage to stand beside a victim, no matter what the world tells you. It is time to let others determine your intelligence. Access a scenario yourself, and trust your intuition.
  • Marital rape is not another myth of rape culture. It is a reality for many, and creating awareness will help women speak up. It begins with just one education, ‘it is not your marital duty.’
  • Know your rights and help create awareness as well. For example, what to do when dealing with sexual harassment in the office.

The Ingratiation Of Rape Culture In Our Society

The Ingratiation Of Rape Culture In Our Society
In rape culture, it is always the victim’s fault.

Indeed a dangerous ideology, but the ingratiation of rape culture is not a myth.

  • The notion of women being responsible to protect their honor. Therefore, when they encounter sexual harassment, they are somehow “majorly” at fault. (Very common in Indian rape culture scenario).
  • It is common for people to deem Latin American women as irresponsible one when they complain about sexual harassment. In some cases, one might also hear the term ‘sexually provoking.’ (Latin America rape culture).
  • Dresses are a direct correlation of how much seriously the society will take your sexual harassment case.

It is high time we speak against the lazy judgment of society and the servants of law. Victim blaming will only encourage the alleged culprits to keep spreading the wrong messages.

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