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Staff Augmentation

In today’s business world, people often follow the trend of an increase in the use of contingent workers throughout the organization. While it is not a recent practice, it has definitely gained a lot more momentum in recent years.

In order to achieve this, a lot of people often tend to make use of the process of staff augmentation. In case you have been searching for the pros and cons of the same and want to know how it can make a difference to your organization, you have reached the right place.

Keep reading this blog till the end to learn more about the same…

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Before talking about the pros and cons of Staff Augmentation, it is important that you learn about the process a little. So, what is staff augmentation in the first place? Let’s find that out!

A staff augmentation program uses skilled temporary employees or contractors to boost an organization’s talent capability. These brief assignments are compensated by the hour and are typically completed by staffing firms or online talent marketplaces. It was initially used by the IT sector and many tech sector sectors to deal with the rapid proliferation of technology.

IT Staff augmentation is a tried-and-true option to consider adding to your company’s flexible talent management strategy and it can be cost-effective to achieve project deadlines and objectives, fill talent gaps, and temporarily supplement an in-house team with qualified people.

Software engineers and some other team members are included in existing teams as part of the IT staff augmentation model to meet the demand for more employees to work on ongoing projects. The workforce is added to improve the skills of a current team with experience and outcomes, whether the objective is to speed up team formation, cut expenses, or reduce delivery times.

Pros And Cons Of Staff Augmentation That You Need To Keep In Mind!

Now that you know about what staff augmentation is, it is time for you to learn about what exactly you were searching for— the pros and cons, or the advantages and disadvantages of the process of staff augmentation.

So without further ado, let us get straight into it!

Pros Of IT Staff Augmentation

The following are the advantages of the staff augmentation model.

1. Integrating The Team Seamlessly

It is an advantage of IT staff augmentation services. The extra “resources” are regarded as team members of your current group. They will rely on the same organizational culture, level of data access, and organizational structure. Coordination between the employment agency and yours can be easy and quick when done effectively.


2. Cost Saving

Staff augmentation resources are worthwhile. Hence, it is quite a cost-effective approach to outsourcing because you have to pay only for the moment when the specialist that you have hired spends on the project. It reduces not only the expense of recruiting and hiring new employees, but also takes care of the non-billable hours, holiday pay, and sick days. Using augmented employees, you can track how many hours are spent on each task. Hiring the best engineers allows the business to focus on meeting its needs instead of dealing with all the administrative work that comes with having an in-house expert.

3. Faster And Cheaper Skill Addition

What does staff augmentation mean? Adding more team members will fill in the skills gaps in your team, or that would otherwise cost your business money to fill. When determining the scope of the task, the ramping up and reduction of augmented team members should be considered. It is crucial to consider this when creating the Statement of Work (SOW). Companies with varying personnel needs can quickly and easily find solutions to resource issues to meet deadline expectations based on job volume.

4. Access To Expertise

Working with an IT staff augmentation business gives you access to their talent pool of pre-screened individuals. Businesses may save money on benefits and other expenses related to full-time employees. Additionally, you can get specialized knowledge that might not be accessed internally. You always select a candidate that meets your requirements, but this may not always be true when employing internal staff.

5. Greater Productivity

You can give your current team more time to concentrate on their primary duties by adding other workers to support them. It may result in more excellent production and efficiency for your company.

6. Scalability

When the project expands over time, you do not need to develop your internal staff instantly. You can hire specialists with a suitable skillset and proceed with the project at the right scale without worrying about a higher degree of deliverability.

Cons Of IT Staff Augmentation

1. Internal Training

Even though staff augmentation enables businesses to access IT professionals with the requisite skills on a project-by-project basis, these new “elements” are typically unfamiliar with the new company’s processes, necessitating training before they can be fully integrated. Many of your HR team may be required to translate business rules, explain internal procedures, and acquaint new team members with the current working method. However, tools like manuals and brief instructional videos can make the process easier.

2. Internal Knowledge

Not just the ability to complete a project critically; prior knowledge related to the task or client is also essential to the project’s success. One of its drawbacks is that staff augmentations are a temporary fix. New team members may not receive all the necessary background information for the project when working with project-specific staff.

3. Higher Long-Term Costs

It is another disadvantage of IT staff augmentation. As you are paying highly talented people to join your team and then augment it from the outside, giving a further boost to your capacity might result in higher labor expenses if it takes longer than anticipated. However, like anything else, you can discuss this with the agency you’re working with.

Bottom Line

In case you were searching about the advantages and disadvantages of staff augmentation, I hope that this blog has been able to provide you with enough information. If there are any other queries related to the same, kindly feel free to let me know.

All that you need to do is scroll down till you reach the end of the page, Then leave your comments and doubts in the box below.


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