What Are Some Of The Mindful Solution To Plastic Pollution

Deepanwita Dey Society 05 December 2023 4 Mins Read
Plastic Pollution

No matter how much we blame the bigger organization, saving the planet always begins at the domestic level. This means that if you are feeling overwhelmed by the world’s consumption and plastic pollution, you have to be the change!

Now, let’s speak realistically for a minute, shall we?

Currently, humans are responsible for using 350 million metric tons of plastic every year. I would like to remind you again that these are not biodegradable materials, and not everyone practices mindful reusing and recycling.

So, we can only imagine the amount of plastic pollution in our environment we are contributing towards.

Plastic is one such item that, upon mixing with the soil, will deplete its fertility. When you dump them in the water, they become a catalyst of death for the marine ecosystem.

Therefore, it is safe to say that we alone cannot stop the plastic problem. But we can always do our part of being mindful and inspiring others.

So, in this excerpt below, we will give you some of the best ways to be mindful and reduce plastic consumption from our end.

Be The Change You Want To See

These wise words from Gandhi should be your motto every time the sacrifice feels too much and you want to give up.

In this excerpt below, this is one of the reasons why we need to make some of the best ways to deal with the plastic problem!

These are unique ways that might also help you lead a better, plastic-free life.

1. Use Natural Loofa Or Sponges

Use Natural Loofa Or Sponges

Sometimes, we contribute to the plastic population without even knowing that we are doing so. For example, did you know the loofa that you use during showering is actually synthetic?

No, you are not getting the real deal from the supermarket. Unless you buy it from an organic seller. Therefore, you are just having to discard them too often because these synthetic materials are not long-lasting.

On the other hand, natural loofa and sponges are indeed long-lasting. Plus, you wouldn’t even harm the planet when you finally discard them.

Did you know you can even grow your own loofa at home? For someone who is a gardening enthusiast, this could be a new passion project.

2. Stop Single Use Plastic

Stop Single Use Plastic

Now, there are plastic items that you buy as pieces for your house. From kitchen containers to makeup packaging and phone covers, most of these are made of plastic.

However, single-use plastics are the worst offenders on our planet Earth. In fact, they contribute to so much daily plastic waste that waste management is almost impossible.

Therefore, in order to reduce plastic pollution, we have to stop using plastic items for everything.

Single-use plastics are items like straws, takeouts, and plastic bags). Fortunately, you can replace all these items with other recyclable items like metals, glass, and jute. This way, you do not have to throw away your plastic item after each use, and you are contributing less to the untreated waste.

3. Collaborate With Organic Selling Companies

Collaborate With Organic Selling Companies

Many big and small corporations are now understanding their corporate social responsibilities. They are reducing their own plastic waste by investing in more biodegradable items when it comes to packaging.

Like glass, jute, and bamboo, plus, there are companies who will give you refills on your item rather than having to buy the containers again and again.

This way, even if your container is made of plastic, you can reuse it mindfully.

4. Participate In Charitable Cooperation

Participate In Charitable Cooperation

Once you join these corporations, you will understand the reality of humanity. That is, it is not just you thinking about the Earth.

They will organize charitable events that can help you take control of plastic pollution.

  • Picking up plastic trash from the river and seaside. However, I am sure to know when to stop and not to feel overwhelmed.
  • Give financial support to charities like Global Ocean Cleanup and International Coastal Cleanup.
  • If you do not have any charity around you, simply go to your local beach and try to pick up some of the plastic items.
  • Find a better waste management system for your locality. That is through separating the plastic waste from the biodegradable waste. This will prevent your neighborhood from simply throwing the non-biodegradable waste into the local water bodies.

5. Spread The Word Around

Spread The Word Around

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible for you to influence everyone. But you can always try!

In the day and age of social media, it will be even easier to spread the word among your immediate neighborhood and even the world.

Here are ways you can inspire others to reduce plastic pollution:

Show the beauty & excitement of trying to live a plastic-free life.

Portray your actions of anti-plastic pollution charity work through videos.


If everything else fails, remember the talk of better budgeting never does. Why not speak about how much you are saving through your reduce, reuse, and recycle methods?

Repurpose Your Plastic

Repurpose Your Plastic

Needless to say, you cannot eradicate plastic all on its own. But you can always put an end to plastic pollution.

This is why I always repurpose plastic, which has lost its usability.

Some of the best ways to use those unnecessary plastic items lying around your house are:

Do not buy extra plastic bottles. Remember those water bottles and soda bottles you bought on your trips? Simply remove the labels, and you will have your personal water bottles.

You can cut the bottom part of the plastic bottle in half and then plant trees within it.

Talk about reducing pollution and increasing greenery in your garden shade. How about taking the takeout plastic containers and using them as paint? They are generally white or transparent. Thus, you can put your own creative touch within it as well.

Have we covered everything?

Hopefully, this helps you reduce plastic pollution. If all my environmentalist pals have some more to add, why not let us know in the comment section below?

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