4 Reasons Why Patron Saint Medals Make a Wonderful Gift

Patron Saint Medals

Today, there are more than 3,000 saints that are recognized by the Church. Also, there are many more who remain uncanonized. Often, we remember these protectors with Patron Saint medals.

Patron Saints are special protectors over a certain area of life. These can be areas in our lives like illnesses, causes, occupations, countries, etc. They can protect anything that is important to us.

Choosing a perfect gift for a person “who has everything” can be hard. However, if you want to touch someone’s soul, we recommend that you buy Patron Saint medals.

Here is why…

1. They Bring Comfort

For hundreds of years, Christians look to their Patron Saints as intermediaries to God. Christians pray to the Patron Saints on their prayer times, asking for comfort, inspiration, miracles, and protection.

People call on the saints, asking for them to defend us from everything such as a bad habit, a life event, or an injustice.

2. They Empower People

Sometimes people feel they are taking on life and life’s challenges alone. Religious medals remind us we are never alone. God and His messengers are keeping a watchful eye on us, guiding us according to His plan.

3. Celebrate Religious Occasions

If you know that a loved one is about to celebrate a religious occasion, such as First Communion or Confirmation, Patron Saint medals are a perfect gift. They are tangible reminders of living a life with purpose.

It reminds someone why they are embarking on this religious occasion, taking the next step in life’s purposeful journey.

4. Celebrate Religious Holidays

A great time to buy Patron Saint medals is when you are planning Christmas gifts for loved ones. Celebrating the birth of Jesus is a good time to give someone religious medals that carry a specific meaning unique to them. Every Patron Saint medal stands for something unique.

Patron Saint Medals gift

Patron Saints are special protectors over a certain area of life

Meaning of Patron Saint Medals

Each of the Saint medals offers different protection. The protection is based on the Saint’s work during his or her life. Therefore, each of the Patron Saint medals has its own significance.

Here are some of the most popular Patron Saint medals:

  1. Archangel Saint Michael
  2. Saint Francis of Assisi
  3. Saint Anne
  4. Patron Saint Medals

1. Archangel Saint Michael

He is a spiritual warrior. Saint Michael is an archangel who battles for good versus evil. A guardian of the church and healer of the sick, Archangel Michael is a champion of justice.

Saint Michael is typically depicted with a sword and banner, vanquishing Satan, who is like a dragon.

You can see more about the Archangel St. Michael Medallion here.

2. Saint Francis of Assisi

He is the Patron Saint of animals, traders, and the environment. Catholics believe that St. Francis could talk to animals. They say he saved a town from a wolf.

St. Francis was a preacher, friar, and deacon. He is a popular Saint medal for pet owners.

3. Saint Anne

She is the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and also the grandmother of Jesus. While it is not present in the Bible, religious books show that Mary’s mother, Anne, and her father, Joachim, were having a challenging time bearing children. Then, the Angel Gabriel came to them.

Gabriel said that Anne and Joachim would have a child whom they must dedicate to God. Therefore, Saint Anne is the Patron Saint of couples who are childless.

4. Patron Saint Medals

While religious occasions and religious holidays are great times of the year to buy Patron Saint medals as a present, any time of the year will do. Sometimes you find that a loved one needs a boost of protection or hope. Sometimes it could be you that needs protection.

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