3 Ways To Make Each Of Your Kids Feel Special

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Feel Special

Every child has individual needs, and it is through meeting those needs that we make them feel special. Some children like to have mummy or daddy read them a story at bedtime and others want to be with their parents while they are in the kitchen cooking the evening meal.

What you can gather from all that is that, to a child, it’s the individual attention a parent gives them that makes them feel they are special.

With that said, things can get a bit tricky if there is more than one child in the home, and if there are foster children as well, you will certainly want to include them in your quest to make each child recognize just how special they are.

Here are some things other parents have done and they actually are quite effective.

3 Ways To Make Each Of Your Kids Feel Special

1. Set Aside Individual “Together Time” with Each Child

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It is important to spend quality time alone with each child every day. While they know you love their brothers and sisters and even the foster siblings who have come to live with you, it’s important that they know just how special they are in your eyes.

Let them know that this time alone with them means the world to you because you don’t have to share them with anyone else in your special time – not even dad or grandma!

2. Join Them in Things They Love to Do

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Even though you know what your kids like to do, sometimes you have no idea what your foster kids really enjoy. If they were placed with you by a private foster agency such as Fosterplus Wolverhampton, the case manager there may have a history that tells you what those foster kids love to do.

Perhaps once a month the kids can take a turn choosing an attraction to go to as a reward for exemplary behavior and don’t forget to not leave anyone out of the rotation when it comes time to choose a location for an outing.

3. Get Down on Their Level When Talking to Them

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Not to be misunderstood, this isn’t referring to language but rather height. Sometimes it seems like you are talking down to them, at least this is how they perceive it because you are towering above them.

When they have a question to ask or you have something you want to say, crouch down or sit so that you are looking directly across at them. This helps them to be less ‘terrified’ of the all-powerful adult who is so far above them when they are standing.

It is vitally important to always be affectionate. A little kiss on the forehead and a great big hug never hurt anyone! It’s a sign of affection and that is something that feeds a child’s soul.

During that alone time, talk to them about things that matter to them and ask them if they have any worries. You will probably never know unless you ask and this is the perfect time to let them air out any frustrations they may be harboring. Let them know you care, and they will automatically feel special. Watch and see!


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