The Best Ways To Keep Your Drains Unblocked In Australia

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Keep Your Drains Unblocked In Australia

If you have decided to take on the responsibility of taking care of your home, then there are many different things that have to be carried out every single day to keep things functional. The house has to be clean from top to bottom, meals have to be prepared for the family members. 

Moreover, all of the appliances in the house need to be working always to make sure that everything runs smoothly. If you are decked up with a lot of drain unlocking in and around Australia, this article is your ultimate savior. So, stay tuned and get more information.

Clogged Drains and Hassles: Why Are Australians Facing This Problem? 

Many Australian homes run into difficulties when it comes to just going about their daily lives, and many things can happen, like the toilet becoming blocked, the shower tray isn’t draining the water away, and the kitchen sink just isn’t functional anymore. Given below are the reasons why you have blocked drains in Ryde.

  • Fat and Grease

Both grease and fat are the primary causes why drains have to face blockage. However, they are also very easy to prevent. Greasy materials often are a product of soaps and food residues. 

So, all you have to do is stop throwing greasy substances on your basins or drains. If you have no other place to throw residues, make sure to use a mild home cleaner or hot water. This should work well, provided that you do not leave the residues there for long. 

  • Hair Strands

Ain’t we all get a bit annoyed finding those long hair strands on drains? It not only clog drains but also looks untidy. If you have a habit of shaving in your bathroom or are accustomed to hair fall, then drain clogging might be a usual affair for you. 

As time passes by, it becomes more difficult to remove hair clogs. There are various products available in the market that can help you unclog your drain with tremendous hair strands. 

  • Leaves and Twigs

Suppose you have a tree in your compound, and whenever you chip it, everything goes directly into the sewer. This is also a probable reason why you have a blocked drain. And let me make you aware they are the most difficult to deal with. 

The only suggestion that I can provide you here is to use a chemical that can flush down all leftover tree roots. This will stop their growth in your pipeline, and eventually, you will get a clean drain. 

  • Inefficient Workmanship

One of the most contributing factors to congested sewers is the quality of your drain system. If you have extremely fragile pipes like clay pipes, chances are they will get damaged and start clogging the drain. 

These pipes must be kept with tremendous care. But there’s something more you can do! Just invest in the right quality pipes, and you will not face this problem in the future. In a few cases, the plumber’s workmanship might also help. 

Smart Tips To Unclog Drains Like A Pro

Water is the source of life, and proper drainage is something that must be done orderly. In Australia, the problem of blocked drains is difficult to address, not impossible. Hence, the following are just some of the best ways to keep your drains clean and unclogged: 

Pour some Hot Water Down There

down places like your sink drain, shower base

You need to get into the habit of boiling a pot of water once a week. Then pour it down places like your sink drain, shower base, and anywhere else that you feel might experience clogs.

This incredibly hot water helps to loosen up any grease or dirt that has accumulated in the pipes, and it allows the water to flow easily throughout your home, so you don’t need to find a plumber.

Invest In Sink Strainers

These are such simple things and very cheap to buy, and yet many Australian homes do not utilize them correctly. They generally have metal or silicone raw materials, and you can place them over all of the plot holes throughout your property.

With these in place, things like bodily hair and other kinds of gunk cannot make their way down into your pipes, causing blockages in the first place.

Your Toilet Isn’t A Bin

Many people in Australia throw all sorts of things down their toilets, thinking that they will be easily and quickly washed away into the sewage system. You wouldn’t believe the number of toilets that are facing blockage every single year by people putting down too much toilet paper and newspaper. 

That’s not all! People are even throwing sanitary towels and used baby nappies. Stop putting these things down your toilet, and then you don’t have to go through a situation where you flush the toilet, and nothing happens.

Caustic Chemicals and Disinfectants

This step is ideal for people running out of time and want a quick fix. Multiple brands out there make use of caustic cleaner, which is easily available in supermarkets. Kit works just like its stronger counterparts, and you get a clean drain instantly. 

However, you might want to seek help from an expert while trying this. Caustic chemicals contain harmful toxins that might cause you breathing troubles. Hence, expert guidance should be there while trying this out. 

Parting Words

If you follow these three simple pieces of advice, then your drains should face no more blockage. Furthermore, you can just go about living your daily life without incident. If you don’t follow these pieces of advice, then you can expect to have to call out a professional.

Drain congestion is not a new complexity Australian households have to face. Time and again, we have been hearing complaints about it. But with this comprehensive guide, you can certainly reduce the causes. Have you saved this article already?  If not, save it up for later and tell us your thoughts on this by commenting below. Thank you for reading!

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