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Launch a Webinar

Webinars are the way to go if you’re looking for an easy way to reach your target audience. Not only do webinars provide a platform so your audience can hear your message. Yet, they also build trust and credibility with those that participate.

Also, with webinars on demand, you can offer virtual events without scheduling your presentation. Here’s a step-by-step guide to launching a successful webinar on demand.

Pick a Topic and Create an Outline

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Choosing a topic for your webinar and creating an outline ensures the success of both on-demand and live webinars. Before you start, determine the topics your audience like.

Consider their interests, challenges, and needs when picking a topic. Also, ensure the topic is timely and relevant to resonate with them.

Once you’ve settled on a topic, create an outline for your presentation. This will help keep things organized and structured during the live webinar.

As you create your outline, include—

  • Introduction
  • Main points
  • Key takeaways
  • Objectives
  • Relevant resources or references

Ensuring these elements are present will help raise audience engagement throughout the webinar. Likewise, these factors will give them gain valuable information from it.

Prepare interesting stories or anecdotes related to the topic to make the presentation even more engaging. You could also add interactive elements such as polls or surveys to get their feedback or ask questions during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Choose a Date and Time

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Whether launching a pre-recorded webinar or hosting it live, selecting the best date and time will set the tone for your launch process.

When selecting, consider local holidays and weekends, when many people are likely to be away from their computers. Additionally, think about the local time zone of your target audience. As such, if you’re targeting an international audience, select times that adapt to all regions.

Once you’ve settled on a date and time for your webinar on demand, promote it in advance so people can save the date. Scheduling automated webinars email leading up to the event can ensure that registered people receive timely reminders.

By that, your on-demand webinar will gain maximum attendance. Likewise, it will boost lead generation and generate higher levels of engagement throughout.

Create Promotional Materials

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To capture potential attendees, you must craft compelling materials to pique their interest. Start by designing eye-catching images. Also, include email templates that accurately reflect the message of your webinar.

Subsequently, you can use these materials to promote future events as well. Plus, to reach as many people as possible, leverage all available social media channels, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Besides that, you can even create a customized webinar room with a link and password so interested individuals can join your live webinar. And if you want people to view and replay webinar recordings at their convenience, consider setting up a webinar video hub.

Set Up Your On-Demand Recording Registration Page

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Your registration page for an on-demand webinar recording can capture more leads and engage with your audience. It also helps you provide potential viewers with the necessary information. For instance, it includes the date, time, and topics you’ll cover in the event.

Below are six tips to consider when setting up your registration page:

  • Choose the right webinar platform. Ensure that your platform aligns with your needs and is easy to use. Research various platforms to find one that fits you best and allows you to customize it.
  • Ensure your registration page is secure. Your registration page should keep all your viewers’ data safe from hackers.
  • Provide information about yourself. This will help build trust with potential viewers. Likewise, it will give them an idea of what content you will present during the event.
  • Create incentives for signing up. Offer exclusive discounts or rewards for those who register in advance. As such, you could call to action like “Start Free Trial.” Doing so can draw in more attendees and encourage them to stay engaged throughout the event.
  • Use visuals. People like visuals. So, include images or videos on your registration page that reflect the content of your webinar. Also, it makes it easier for people to understand what they’re signing up for.
  • Personalize each message. Taking this extra step shows potential viewers that their presence matters. Besides that, it can also lead to higher attendance rates and interest in future events.

Setting up a well-designed registration page for an on-demand webinar recording is essential to attract leads. With these six tips, you can create a successful online event.


With this step-by-step guide, you can easily create an engaging presentation that will appeal to your target audience while providing valuable information simultaneously.

From choosing the right platform and creating content that resonates with viewers through promoting it effectively so more people know about it—you now have all the tools necessary to make this happen.

Lastly, for extra help for your on-demand webinars, you may start a free trial of StealthSeminar.


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