Easy Way To Fix “Problem Parsing Package” For Android

Fix Problem Parsing Package For Android

For every type of work, you are using applications. So you have to install it into your android device and then start using it. But ‘problem parsing package error’ is serious trouble for app users. 

You want to install any good application on your android device. Then suddenly, a problem parsing package error message starts to pop up in front of you. This is a severe headache for every android user.

Let’s see first what does problem parsing the package mean.

What Is The Problem Parsing Package Error In Android?

The parsing package error is an android error message. You can see the error message when you are trying to install any application on your android device. This problem parsing package means you can not install the application on your device. The reason is an Apk parser or parsing issue.

What does Apk mean? This is a file extension for Android devices. This file is used to distribute the application on Google and Android operating systems

How to fix a problem parsing the package? There are several ways to fix this problem. Now I am going to show you seven easy techniques to solve this pursuing package problem on your android device.

What Are The Reasons For Parsing The Package Errors?

Reasons For Parsing The Package Errors

You only know there was a problem parsing the package when you are 

Redirecting to the page error: error parsing login result page!. Before digging deep for the solutions to the problem parsing package.

Let’s have a look at a few possibilities of these errors.

Reason 1: You are trying to install the applications from an unauthorized source. And your phone’s unauthorized source downloading options are disabled.

Reason 2: When your application installation package is corrupted. And some of the packers are not in the right place.

Reason 3: Your phone’s antivirus is disrupting the application download process in the background.

Reason 4: Your Android device files are overloaded with cache, cookies, and junk files.

These are the four reasons for which you can face the problem of parsing the package errors, apart from these four reasons. If your device is not in the updated stage, there is also a probability of facing this problem.

Now let’s move on to the next tips read and know how to fix there was a problem parsing the package.

6 Easy Ways To Fix Problem Parsing Package Error

The problem parsing package error is not a single time error. You may be thinking due to the application’s nature. Your device is going to show this message. But it can happen repeatedly. 

Here are six easy ways to fix this problem parsing error.

1. Antivirus Disabling

Antivirus Disabling

Everyone likes to keep a good performing antivirus on their devices. But sometimes, these antiviruses are becoming the culprit of this problem parsing package error.

Here are a few easy steps to disable your antivirus and solve the issue.

Step 1: Open your phone’s security app. Then click on the antivirus folder.

Step 2: Then, find the settings option from the security application.

Step 3: Find the disable option from the dropdown menu. And turn it off. Some of the antiviruses also have time and date specifications. You also can do it.

Step 4: If you can not find the disable option. Then simply uninstall your antivirus protection by right-clicking on it.

Now, this process is complete. But before trying to install the applications once, reboot your android system.

2. Clear Your Cache And Cookie

Clear Your Cache And Cookie

Cache memories and cookies are making your device slow. This is why you have to clear your cache memory and cookies folder several times to clean the junk files. In addition, sometimes, these junk files interfere with your installation process, and as a result, you will face problems parsing package errors.

How do stop these messages from appearing? Here are a few steps to clean your android device’s junk files.

Step 1: Open the Settings options menu.

Step 2: Then click on the application options from the dropdown menu list.

Step 3: Open the storage option of the google play store.

Step 4: Then scroll down and find the clear cache option.

Step 5: After finding it click on the clear storage option.

When you are completing the process, resort to your device and start to install the application once again.

3. Update Your Android Version

Update Your Android Version

Keeping your android versions in older versions is pretty risky. In the updated version of androids, this type of problem parsing package error probability is less. How to update your android version?

Here are a few steps for it.

Step 1: Open the phone settings option.

Step 2: Find the system update button from the dropdown menu list. And find the latest android version for your phone.

Step 3: Then click on the install or update button.

It will take a few minutes to install the latest version of the android. Then restart your devices once and then try to install your application.

4. Restart Your Device

Restart Your Device

Restarting the device is the easiest trick to overcome this problem parsing package error. When you start your device, all ongoing processes are beginning to release more memory. And your phone battery life will restore.

Here are two easy steps for restarting your device.

Step 1: Long press your device’s power button will open the shutdown and restart option.

Step 2: Click on the restart option and wait till your device starts to run again.

These are the first steps you need to overcome the parsing package problem.

5. Download The Latest Version Of The Application

Download The Latest Version Of The Application

The problem parsing package is not uncommon, especially for the older application versions. The developers are always searching for a better way to fix the issues related to better operations. And this is the reason when you are trying to install the older versions of the applications. There was a problem parsing the package.

Here are some tips for downloading the latest versions of applications.

Step 1: First, find the ongoing downloading process of the applications. 

Step 2: Then stop the downloading process. And uninstall the present application.

Step 3:Then visit the play store and find the latest versions of the application.

After completing the whole process, restart your device once again. You also can access the support and help option on your applications and fix the problem.

6. USB Debugging

USB Debugging

USB debugging is another option to fix the problem parsing package. When you are using USB debugging, the Android Studio and SDK tools are going to identify the problem. Then fix the issue. All modern devices have this facility.

Here are four easy steps for it.

Step 1: Open the phone settings and access the phone portions from the list.

Step 2: Open the build number option and click on that option at least seven times.

Step 3: A pop-up message will appear where the new developer option is there.

Step 4: Then redirect the primary Settings options and find “Developer Option“.

Step 5: Open the whole menu and enable the USB Debugging option.

Step 6: Restart your device once and make the connections with USB. Frequently Asked Question About Problem Parsing Package.

Frequently Asked Question About Problem Parsing Package

How Can You  Fix An Installed App On Android?

Yes, you can solve it by resetting the app option. First, go to the settings options. Then, the rest of the application preferences and change the application permission. After this change, you can install any third-party application on your device.

How To Fix A Package Installer?

Reset the app permission. This is simply first. Go to the settings options for the application notification. And reset the app preferences.

Can You Disable Package Installer?

Yes, you have to use the Play Store’s parental controls for restricting the app installations of the android device. First, open the play store option, then tap on the menu and change the control or turn on the control option. Now you can easily disable the pack installation and restrict the use of applications.

Wrapping Up:

Now you know how to fix the problem parsing package error in your android device. But if you are already trying all these steps and still this annoying error message is popping up in front of you, then factory resetting is the only option you can try. But before doing the factory resetting, try to do all these steps for finding the solution.

So which process are you going to follow? After solving the error, do not forget to share your error handling techniques through the comment sections. And to see this type of informative content, keep visiting our blog.

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