How To Change Your Username On Roblox [Explained In Details]

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published on: 25 October 2021 last updated on: 27 October 2021
How To Change Your Username On Roblox

Roblox is one of the online games that are popular in places where the number of gamers is low. Even people who are not gamers have heard the name due to its high popularity.

Roblox is mostly popular among young demographics. This is one of the games that allow the players to not only play but create their own games.

It is a creative and entertaining platform for novice gamers to get a very good experience.

However, there is a common question that has been asked very often by players is “how to change your username on Roblox” Well, it is not as hard as you think if you know the proper steps and complete guide.

If you are reading this article, then you want to find the guide to change your username. So, here are the steps given below that you can follow to change your username.

How To Change Your Roblox Username – Step By Step Guide

If you are finding the answer to how to change your username on Roblox for free, then here are the steps that will help you know more about it.

The process is super easy, but you will need to have 1000 Robux coins into the Roblox account.

Some of the things that you need to keep in mind before learning the steps include:

  • You can’t choose names that other players are using
  • The names of your alternative characters are not swappable
  • You cannot make simple changes like capitalizing the name or an alphabet of it

If you agree to these terms and conditions, then here is how to change your username on Roblox.

Step 1: First, you need to log in to the existing account of Roblox using your login credentials or Facebook profile.

Step 2: Now, look at the top right corner and for the gear icon and click on it to find the settings option

Step 3: After entering, you will find the account information tab. Visit there to get the option “Edit Username” and enter the new username and account password.

Step 4: Click on the buy option to purchase it with 1,000 Robux, and your username will be changed successfully.

This is how to change your username for free on Roblox. They are charging 1000 Robux to prevent players from creating a lot of usernames in a span of time. Also, many people try to claim all the usernames with their alternative characters.

How To Change Roblox Username On Mobile?

Now that you know how to change your username on Roblox on PC, do you want to find out how to change your Roblox username on Mobile? The steps are quite similar, but you will need to look out for three dots instead of the gear icon.

Scroll through the options to find settings and visit the account info option from there. The rest of the steps are similar to the PC method.

Now that you know how to change your username on Roblox, you need to have some other information as well, such as how often the username can be changed. There are no restrictions available, but you have to have 1,000 Robux.

As long as you have enough

in your inventory, you do not have to worry about changing names. So, as you know how to change your name in Roblox, you will be able to change without any restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1. How Do You Change Your Username Of Roblox For Free?

You can change your Roblox username easily by following some of the easy steps. Here is how to change your username on Roblox for free in 2021, given below in detail.

  • First, you need to have 1,000 Robux
  • Then, visit the official website of Roblox and log in using your credentials.
  • Go to the settings option and visit the tab “Account Info.”
  • There, click on the edit button that is located next to your username
  • Now, enter your new username in the space and enter the current password

Following these steps, you will be able to change the username of your Roblox easily.

Q2. How Much is 1k Robux in USD?

Here is the price chart of Robux that will help you to know the actual price.

Robux Quantity Price (USD)
800 Robux $9.99
1700 Robux $19.99
2000 Robux $24.99

So, the price of 1000 Robux is approximately around $12.5. However, you will need to purchase either 1,700 Robux or 2,000 Robux to get the 1000 Robux. Also, you can purchase 800 Robux and 240 Robux separately at $9.99 and $2.99.

Q3. How much does it take to change your username of Roblox?

To change the Roblox username, you will need 1,000 Robux. To do it, you will need to edit your username by clicking on the large green button next to the username. It says “Change My Username” In no time, you will be able to change it and start playing the game again by following the simple steps.

Q4. What is a good Roblox username for a girl?

Choosing the username is one of the hard tasks that take a lot of time and hard work. When you are creating a username in an old game, most of the names are taken, which makes it even harder. However, here are some girl usernames that you can choose for your character based on the build and other factors.

  • GoddessLax
  • Shy Gun
  • SoCuteBleh
  • Rosies
  • YourBFStares
  • Candy Queens
  • ACuteAssasin

These are some of the best usernames for girls that you can use. However, let’s hope you are not too late and the names are available.


Many novice gamers make the mistake of starting playing the game with a suggested username. Unfortunately, it can both ruin your in-game character and image. However, don’t worry; there is a way to change your Roblox username easily.

Go through the article to learn the steps on how to change your username on Roblox. If this article has helped you change the name successfully, then make sure to share it with others and share your feedback.

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