3 Tips For How To Determine Car Shipping Cost

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Car Shipping Cost

Did you know that over 1.8 million cars were produced in the United States, just in May alone?

Maybe you’re a car enthusiast looking to buy a specialized car from a dealership not local to you. If that’s the case, you’ll have to jump through multiple hoops to get your car sent to you. This is because you have to invest in car shipping, taking into consideration the car shipping cost.

If you know little about this process but want to know more, you’ve come to the right place. International movers are experts at making cross-border moves for people and families easy so they can settle into their new homes abroad without any trouble at all. But when it comes to shipping, things are a bit different!

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you out. In this guide, we will talk about how to determine car shipping costs and more.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Let’s Checkout 3 Prime Tips To Determine Car Shipping Cost:

1. The Time of Year You Ship

car shipping season

When it comes to car shipping, one of the main things that will affect the cost is the time of year you ship. The peak season for car shipping is May through September. During these months, demand is high and prices will be at their highest.

If you can ship during the off-season, you can expect to pay less. December through February is the cheapest time to ship a car. Having flexibility in when you ship, you may save some money by avoiding the busiest times of the year.

2. The Shipping Method You Choose

The shipping method you choose will play a big role in how much you pay. If you’re looking for the most affordable option, you’ll want to choose the method that is most efficient. If you’re looking for a quicker shipping method, you’ll want to choose one that is a bit more costly.

If you’re shipping your car internationally, for example, you’ll need to factor in the cost to ship a car itself, as well as the cost of any required documentation or customs fees. If you’re shipping your car domestically, you’ll need to factor in the cost of gas, as well as any tolls or other fees associated with your chosen route.

In either case, be sure to get more information and gather quotes from different car shipping companies before you decide.

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3. The Distance the Car Will Be Shipped

Determine Car Shipping Cost

The further the distance, the more it will cost to ship your car. The cost per mile will be lower the farther the car is shipped. For example, it may cost $1.50 per mile to ship a car from Los Angeles to San Francisco, but only $0.75 per mile to ship the same car from Los Angeles to New York.

Additionally, the size and weight of the car will also affect the cost of shipping. Heavier cars will cost more to ship than lighter cars. Be sure to get the dimensions and weight of your car from the dealership.

Car Shipping Cost Tips You Must Know

The most important thing to remember when trying to determine car shipping cost is to be as accurate as possible with the information you provide. The more details you can provide up-front, the more accurate your quote will be. Be sure to have the make, model, and year of your vehicle and the pick-up and delivery locations handy. For a hassle-free and reliable car shipping experience, trust a professional car carrier – click here to learn more about the benefits of working with experienced transporters.

With this information, you will get a good estimate of what it will cost to have your car shipped. If you want to learn more about the cost of shipping a car, then be sure to check out our blog!

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