What Is Digital Printmaking And Its Advantages?

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published on: 05 January 2022 last updated on: 23 May 2022
Digital Printmaking

You might have heard the term digital printmaking if you are familiar with the latest gadgets. It is a process that helps you print something directly from digital images to materials like fabric, paper, plastic, acrylic, and others. They are done by professionals using high-volume or large format inkjet printers.

Compared to the conventional methods, digital printing costs a lot more. However, the overall cost of the prints decreases due to the elimination of the printing plates. Digital printing can be completed in a short time. They are worth the money as they help capture all the details of the digital image.

With digital printing, it is now possible to print a lot of sheets easily at less cost. The most popular digital printing processes are done using laser printers and inkjet printers. In addition, it helps to drop toners and pigments on different substances like canvas, marble, metal, metal, plastic, glass, paper, and others, which is not available in the traditional methods. 

Let’s find out more about digital printmaking and other information about it.

Key Advantages Of Digital Printmaking

Key Advantages Of Digital Printmaking

Now that you know digital printmaking, you need to know the advantages of this method that makes it better than the traditional ways. Although the list is very long, we have handpicked key benefits and shared help you understand.

1. Multifunctional

The first thing you need to know about digital printmaking is that it is multifunctional. Latest innovations in printer technologies have improved the modern digital printer a lot. From one device, you can get customized letterheads, envelopes, and business cards. So, from one device, they are more like a full-service print shop in a box.

2. Compact Design

Compact Design

Needless to say, digital printmaking is considered better than the traditional ones due to the compact design of digital printers. Moreover, with digital printmaking techniques, digital printers evolved a lot. 

They are space-efficient, quiet, and leave a very low footprint. So, you can install them in almost all office environments. But, on the other hand, the traditional printers are known to produce a lot of noise, are large, and require a lot of space.

3. Variety Of Stocks

Variety Of Stocks

Most high-quality digital printers operate when the printing temperature is high, which helps to get superior toner adhesion and ensure print compatibility with a wide variety of stocks. These include magnetic, uncoated/coated papers, plastic materials, heat transfers, wood veneers, etc.

4. Faster Throughout

One of the common benefits of digital printmaking that most digital printmaking artists say is that it is faster. However, offset printing includes the use of wet ink and printing plates. So, the collateral needs a bit of time to dry before the finishing process begins.

On the other hand, digital printers come with dry stock, prepared to get folded, inserted into an envelope from the printer directly. So, there is no need to wait for a long time to get the print available on your hand. This is one of the best benefits of digital printmaking that makes people choose it over the traditional ones.

5. Quick Turnaround

While printing thank you notes, business cards, and invitations can be made using the traditional printing press, it takes a lot of time to set up. However, you can use digital printers to print all of these things in a shorter time as there is no need to set up different things. No matter if you are looking for color or black and white print, it can be done much easier using digital printmaking.

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6. Cost-Effective


Another thing that makes digital printmaking a better choice compared to all the other available ones is cost-effectiveness. In this egocentric and fast-paced world, personalization is the key.

Digital printmaking is the best way to produce customized print jobs or short run. Moe and more shops are now considering using digital printmaking when they are crossing 5000 units. It is easier to print and saves a lot of time and money. This is a post-digital printmaking benefit that helps to make it the primary choice.

7. Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

If you have used the offset prFriendlyyou already know it can be very messy. You will need to mix the inks in the printing plates, which later need to be washed using toxic detergents.

On the other hand, digital printers do not use pressure and heat to fuse toner into the paper. Instead, the toner is transferred using a medium and then fused using heat. So, there is no need to mix the ink, which means there is no mess or harmful chemicals needed to clean up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Digital Printing Process?

Ans: It is a process that involves printing on the materials like fabric, paper, plastic, acrylic, and others from a digital image. It is mostly done by professionals for prints or small jobs from digital sources and desktop publishing.

Q2. What Are The Types Of Digital Printing? 

Ans: There are mainly three different types of digital printmaking available like on-demand, web-to-print, and variable data. All of them are done using electronic files and a digital printer to make copies of a photograph.

Q3. What Is A Digital Print Called?

Ans: Digital print is known as electrophotographic prints and also known as xerography. This process is used to create photocopiers and laser printers. 

Q4. What Are The Four Types Of Printmaking?

Ans: Based on many printmaking experts, the techniques can be roughly divided into four different categories such as intaglio, relief, stencil, and planographic. Among them, relief is the most common and simple printmaking method.


If you are reading this article, it means you want to find out more about digital printmaking. Go through this article to find out more about digital printmaking. We have talked about all the details about digital printmaking in this article in details. Apart from the details, you will also find the advantages of digital printmaking in this article.

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