10 Bridal Shower Party Themes For Any Taste

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What is a bridal shower without a fun theme to go with it? If you find yourself in charge of throwing a bridal shower, then you are going to need fantastic bridal shower themes to make the party memorable.

Consider your bride to be and the rest of the guests that would be attending. What are they like and what would they enjoy? Sometimes the right wedding subscription box would do, but you might need more.

If you are not sure what your guests would like and you still have a crowd to please, then you are in luck. We have here a list of unique and interesting bridal shower theme ideas to please almost any crowd.

Have the best night of your life and give your bride a night to remember. Keep your guests happy and entertained with a unique bridal shower theme.

Dig in for some bridal shower inspo to get you on the right track. 

10 Bridal Shower Party Themes For Any Taste

This section is going to be fun. Here are the 10 best bridal shower party themes for you. Take a look:

1. Bridal Boxes

No matter what your bridal shower theme ideas are, you want to start with the one thing no bride should plan her wedding without, a bride subscription box.

A well-curated wedding subscription box will cover everything you would need for pre-wedding events and the wedding itself, even on to the honeymoon. 

With the miss to Mrs bridal box, in particular, luxury robes, glam bridal party and wedding décor, party planners, and more can be personalized to fit with your bridal shower theme.

Bridal shower gift box subscriptions take the stress out of party planning, providing you with cute on theme items at every step of the way. 

Get a missioners bride box that fits with your party theme, whether it’s a backyard or garden party, black tie, or even a party by the sea.

From matching attires to entertainment and luxury relaxation accessories, this bridal box has it all.

2. Beach Theme

Consider a bridal party theme idea with coastal vibes. The sound of the ocean and views for days would make for a really fun time and picture-perfect moments.

Lots of sunshine and laughter if it’s during the day or a sparkly nighttime dinner with fairy lights strung above. Choose a color palette to go with the theme, sky blue or aquamarine.

Incorporate starfish and seashells into your décor and perhaps even a seafood menu to boot. 

3. Glitzy Black-Tie Theme

If you enjoy the formal setting along with glitz and glamour, then this might be the choice for you.

A bridal party theme that has you all dressed to the nines, prim and proper as possible can be fun as well.

Find a venue that is just as classy, possibly with an eye-catching chandelier. Ask your guests to give the bridal shower dress their best.

Asides from a black and white color palette, it could be even better if there’s some added glitter or glam.

4. Champagne Brunch Theme

No one can say no to a champagne brunch for bridal shower ideas, that would be so much more fun if it’s an all-girl affair.

Brunch is always welcome, and you can encourage bridal shower games alongside taco stations, burgers, waffles, and even mimosas.

If it’s in the summer, bowls of fruits and punch would do great, and not forget, lots and lots of champagne.

5. Backyard Theme

Backyard Theme

For a chill and relaxed wedding shower theme idea, you could consider throwing a party right in your backyard. Think cushy pillows, lanterns, fairy lights, on theme music and so much relaxed bliss.

Create a paradise in your own home with fun décor that incorporates seasonal florals with twinkle lights, and a menu that is just as relaxed as your bridal shower theme.

6. Tea Party Theme

A bride that loves tea parties, dainty pastries, and cakes, would enjoy this fun bridal shower theme. Choose from a Mad Hatter-type tea party theme with fun hats, clocks, and cards, or a classic British tea.

One complete with English scones, artisanal teas, floral arrangements, and cute cucumber sandwiches.

7. Paris Theme

Transport your girls to the land of romance with a Paris bridal party theme. Add an Eiffel tower backdrop for photoshoots and other Paris city paraphernalia.

Create a menu of Parisian dishes full of cheeses, French wine, and even tasty French desserts. You could also celebrate the city of light and love with some lovely French music.

8. Nautical Theme

You can organize a nautical bridal shower theme with stripes, navy blue hues, anchors, ship wheels, stripes, and sailor’s hats.

It will be a unique experience for the bride as well as the bridesmaids. Make sure to add Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea” to the playlist.

 9. All-White Theme

It’s a bridal affair, so why not make it all white? An all-white bridal shower planning is not only spectacular, but it would make for such inspirational and beautiful photos.

Allow your guests to choose their attires whatever they might be, as long as it’s in the required color.

10. Pajama Party Theme

Slumber parties are the things of dreams and they are not only for children. A chill party in comfy and yet luxurious pajamas can be just the thing for an awesome girl’s night.

Don glam robes and watch on theme movies, eat popcorn if you like and order pizza, have spa sessions, or jump in the jacuzzi. There are no hard and fast rules when it’s time to have fun.

Have the best bridal shower with bridal shower themes your guests are sure to love. Create memories that will last forever with your nearest and dearest.

Keep Planning And…

That’s all about the 10 Bridal shower party theme ideas. If you have any more unique ideas, do let us know in the comment area below. 

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