7 Signs You Will Need For Your Wedding Day

published on: 28 February 2023 last updated on: 17 January 2024
Your Wedding Day

Weddings are very special affairs, but they can be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to organization. Whether you’re going for a small wedding or a big wedding, you are likely to have a sizable number of guests who will all need to be orchestrated and controlled.

We’ve all been there before. We turn up at a wedding and turn left instead of right. Instead of a great big dining room, we find ourselves walking into a broom closet. Or the beautiful wedding reception area looks suspiciously like a newly renovated conservatory.

The best way to avoid all of this is through wedding day management and directions, and there’s no better way to direct your guests than with beautifully designed posters that actually tell them where they need to be going and what they can expect from the day ahead. With this in mind, here are seven signs that you will need for your wedding day and where you should place them.

Details About 7 Signs You Will Need For Your Wedding Day

The Welcome Sign

The Welcome Sign

Every wedding ceremony needs an initial sign that greets the guests and directs them to the first port of call. This can also be used to set the tone and initiate the color scheme and get people smiling immediately!

Another tip to ensure your guests are taken care of in case they miss a sign is to
ask your bridal party to keep an eye out. If a bridesmaid spots a guest who looks
lost or unsure, encourage her to approach and welcome the guest, then check in
to see if there’s anything they need.

Your bridesmaids are obviously going to stand out from the crowd because of their gorgeous bridesmaid dresses, and your guests may naturally be drawn to
them and approach them with questions.

Between the signs you post and the warmth and hospitality shown by your bridal
party, your guests are guaranteed to feel welcome, and are less likely to get lost.

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The Guest Book

Guest books are a must for every wedding day, but not all of them are easy to find. After all, many guests will simply walk past a book on a table, especially after a few champagnes in the system! This is why a poster above or beside the guest book is necessary to point your guests to it and ensure it starts filling up!

The Wedding Gifts

The Wedding Gifts

Likewise, the wedding gift table will need to start being filled at some point, so you need to ensure the guests know exactly where it is. Remember, try to be creative with it. Don’t just put “Wedding Gifts” and a great big arrow. Keep it sleek and beautiful, perhaps even related to the theme of the gifts that you have asked for. For instance, if it is a Jewish wedding, then you can design the poster in the theme of the kind of Jewish wedding gift that will slowly start decorating that table.

The Timetable

As mentioned previously, weddings can be quite a hectic affair, and every wedding is designed and coordinated differently. In this way, it is important that you communicate with your guests and ensure they know exactly what the day entails and how everything is laid out.

Seating Plans

Seating Plans

Boring one? Maybe. But once again, seating plans are essential to a wedding’s organization. Like the wedding gift poster, try to have fun with it. Make sure the lettering is beautiful and the plan is clear and concise.

The Kids Area

This is a slightly niche one, but all the best weddings have a designated area for the children to gather and have fun together (without being too much of a nuisance for the grown-ups!) In this way, a great colorful sign can draw them in and let them know that they are also catered for along with the adults.

You And You’re SO

Of course, the most important part of the wedding is you and your SO. In the reception area or ceremony hall, it’s a great idea to highlight this and have a photograph of you and you’re SO together. Whatever picture you choose, this will be the perfect way to further celebrate your love and the beauty of the day itself!

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