How To Be An Animal Rights Activist at the Grassroot Level

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Animal Rights Activist

A wise man once said – “If animals could speak, humans wouldn’t stop crying.’ Since these innocent voiceless are unable to, it is time for us to be the voice of reason. However, whenever we think about starting an activist moment, the feeling of being overwhelmed is inevitable, especially when you are trying to be an animal rights activist.

However, through the pages of the voice of action, we always find ways for people to start their journey towards doing good from a grassroots level.

Therefore, in this excerpt below, we will be giving you the best means to become an animal activist from your house.

Learn About Animal Rights

Learn About Animal Rights

You cannot preach something without gaining the utmost knowledge about the subject matter. For example, animal rights is not just about sheltering a stray dog and giving to your local charity.

You have to learn and find data about big farming and food chain conglomerates that are still practicing the most heinous activities against animals. There are makeup companies who are still practicing deceptive marketing, calling their products cruelty-free when they are not even PETA-friendly.

Food chain industries are not the only space for animal rights violations. There are skin care products with animal fat collagen, and other companies are still skinning and using animal products to please capitalism.

Yes, you cannot always go to these chains and begin protesting. However, giving inspiration to the people around, especially the ones who want to work for animals, is the first step.

Begin with learning about these companies, including all the facts and figures so you can talk about them with much evidence. Next, use your favorite social media platforms. Giving others the details of the gruesomeness and the fair facade that some companies stand behind.

Encourage them not to buy from these makeup and skincare brands, which are still not Cruelty-free, and give them more budget-friendly organic companies for replacements.

Identify Your Strengths As An Animal Rights Activist

Identify Your Strengths As An Animal Rights Activist

Not everyone has the funds to open an animal rights charity. Neither has the voice of a public figure who can inspire others with just an Instagram video.

However, every activist has a strength, i.e., a potential to make a difference. No matter the number you are making this difference towards.

As an animal rights activist from a grassroots level, your task is to find this strength through some mindful research.

Remember one important lesson. It is not always your duty to encourage others. You do not always need a group of people to help eradicate a social issue. Sometimes, doing something religiously everyday can make a lot of difference in a year or two.

Someone in my neighborhood didn’t even know he was an animal rights activist. He simply went around and rescued stray animals and resurrected them. This was a great help since abandoned animals did not have something to eat.

This was his strength! Just the simple will to go around and rescue these animals. The individual will to do something is a commendable strength on its own.

Adopt A Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

Adopt A Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

It is ironic to be an animal rights activist and not have a vegan diet. This is one of the reasons why you should be adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Here is how you can adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle other than adopting veganism:

  • Look for cruelty-free and PETA-friendly products (other than food items).
  • Do not buy or support companies that use leather or fur extracted from animals. Especially high fashion clothing brands who are still skinning animals in order to make their clothes or fashion their furniture.

If you have been on a meat-based diet and are planning to move towards veganism, then here is what you can do.

  • Go for meatless Mondays. Giving up the animal diet bit by bit every day.
  • Watch documentaries and docu-series catering to animal rights. The cruelty towards animals will encourage you to give up any meat-based diet.
  • Find delicious meals and the beneficial properties of a vegan diet (because there are many). This will get you excited about the new lifestyle.

Educate Others

Educate Others

Even a decade ago, we couldn’t have thought about educating people about animal rights. Other than the few in your neighborhood, you couldn’t have gone further.

Although social media might have a few curses on our society, we absolutely cannot deny the good parts.

With the help of social media, educating others regarding the current scenario of animal cruelty is becoming easier.

You, as a part of the animal rights activists, can even help show the bitter truth.

Companies are still testing toxic products on innocent animals. Did you know many makeup companies use beagles as a testing subject? This is because this dog breed is known for its high resistance capacity. Which means they forgave easily. Can you imagine the dystopian world these poor animals live in?

To educate, you first need to raise your voice. Be the voice of reason for these innocent, speechless souls.

Find Other Animal Rights Activists

Find Other Animal Rights Activists

You are not the only person searching for a way to help these innocent feline beings. So, for the days you feel like you are not doing enough or there isn’t enough to do. This is your cue to find another activist also trying their best from the grassroots level.

You all share notes and figures, find each other’s strengths, and discuss means to help these animals.

Here is how you can find others in the community:

You can search for communities on social media platforms like Reddit and Quora.

Create groups with your known people helping these animals, and sit for weekly discussions.

Share achievements and efforts towards the cause. This will help you find means of encouragement when every hope seems lost.

This is also a safe place for you to share pictures of your feline rescues and videos of helping others. This will help strengthen someone’s cause towards being an animal rights activist.

Hopefully, this article helps you regain the strength to follow this righteous cause again. If you have more pointers to add, then please do so in the excerpt below.

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