5 Tips For Writing Evergreen Content That Will Stand The Test Of Time

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Evergreen Content

Evergreen content simply refers to content that is essentially ‘timeless’. Just as evergreen trees hold their color all year round, so too does ‘evergreen content’.

An example of evergreen content is an FAQ on a website (e.g., “What is SEO?” or “What does link-building mean?”). This content will never need to be changed because SEO is “search engine optimization”, and “link-building” is a concrete process (although the specifics may be subject to evolve over time).

Other examples of evergreen content include:

  • Product tutorials.
  • Case studies.
  • “How to plant a rose bush.”

Examples of content that are not evergreen include:

5 Tips For Writing Evergreen Content

Tips For Writing Evergreen Content

Now onto some handy tips to create awesome evergreen content to add to your own content marketing strategy:

1. Research your ‘evergreen’ topic thoroughly

In order for a piece of writing to be deemed as evergreen, it really does need to be the “be-all and end-all” on the matter. So, if you wish to cover a subject and make the article evergreen, you’ll need to do your research and cover it in as much depth as possible.

If you cover part of the subject, while some of the details may well be evergreen, it will still be incomplete.

2. Use the appropriate keywords

In order to guide your writing—and indeed make sure you get eyes on it—you need to do your keyword research. You can get plenty of inspiration from the “people also ask” section of Google, though it is definitely worth exploring the various keyword research tools available to you.

For example, if you want to write an article about how to lose weight without any fad diets or pills, you’d need to look at various keywords like: “how to lose weight naturally”, etc.

3. Avoid specific dates or events

While certain events might inspire you to cover a specific subject, you should avoid writing about key dates or events. For example, the COVID-19 news cycle may have inspired you to write an article about “how news can influence your content creation”, however, anything related to COVID-19 such as “working from home” is not considered as being evergreen.

4. Create case studies

Some of the best evergreen content you can have to your name are case studies; writing about real-life success stories with results that you have achieved for your clients.

This SEO company in Abu Dhabi is a great example because they have 300+ case studies from recognized brands. This evergreen content stands testament to the fact that they have achieved tangible, game-changing results for their clients and that content is never subject to change.

This high-value evergreen content now constantly serves as a way to overcome common objections in SEO: “How can we trust you?”

5. Update your existing content

You likely already have lots of existing evergreen content that could perform much better with a little bit of love. Go through your existing content and see what you can do to update them:

  • Add more information.
  • Refresh the images.
  • Change any outdated details.
  • Double-check your spelling and phrasing. Could your argument be presented differently?


The goal with evergreen content is to create a piece that never needs to be touched again. Yes, you may wish to refresh it in the future as mentioned in our previous point, however, for the most part, evergreen content is about producing articles that hold their value forever.

Do it right and you can get a serious amount of traffic and (hopefully conversions) from one single piece of content for many years to come.

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