Abortion Right Is A Human Right – Reasons Behind The Fight In USA

why abortion should be legal

We are quite tired of hearing about the current abortion tragedies in the USA. A woman trying to flee to other countries because they do not have safe abortion laws in their own country is truly a sadistic ideology. But the infuriating part is the counterattacks we get upon saying why abortion rights should be legal.

First, it is always some medical faux pas on how abortion is not safe and it can cause fertility issues later. How can it be safe when the very country is making it unsafe?

Second comes some shaming propaganda; oh, how today’s youth have forgotten to take responsibility for their own action. That abortion is merely an escape from this.

Oh, is bringing an innocent child with no money or prospect a good means to teach that lesson?

Third comes the age-old banter on religion. Then, we are here to say that restricting body autonomy in the name of religion is an age-old form of oppression.

Abortion Right Is A Human Right

Abortion Right Is A Human Right

Many are trying to push the matter under the cover, calling it leftist feminist propaganda. However, something as fundamental as abortion rights is a human rights issue.

It challenges the very principle on which every human being survives. Ability to control what is happening in one’s body.

After all, if we do not have control over our own bodies, the day is not far when we do not have control over our own minds.

Even the UN is on board, calling for government bodies to decriminalize abortion. The very laws that vilify women getting it.

Why abortion rights should be legal?

Because denying women and girls the right to safe abortion jeopardizes their physical and mental being in many forms.

It is the very cornerstone on which discrimination stands. As in the age-old tradition of telling women what to do. Because, for some reason, the entire world knows what’s good for a woman than herself.

What Is The Current Condition Of Safe Abortion Rights For Women? 

What Is The Current Condition Of Safe Abortion Rights For Women

If we have to ask this question, then some places are worse than others. Here is elaborate data on where the world stands in abortion rights.

Out of all the countries, only 49 countries will allow abortion based on the woman’s health.

There are still 24 countries which don’t allow abortion at all.

Did you know that 41% of women live in countries where there is some form of restriction for abortion laws? The level of gender inequality and discrimination on the grounds of being a woman is also high in these countries. Religious beliefs are another form of restriction.

Most importantly, women in these countries are not privy to proper sexual education, which prevents them from preserving their bodies. From a very young age, they are also the subject of early marriage and pregnancy, highly from non-consensual marital sex.

However, abortion should be legal because of WHO’s mortality estimation; yes, the World Health Organization estimates that around 39,000 women have died because of unsafe abortions.


Having the baby wasn’t the option. Neither has it been for a very long time if history is our witness. Considering how many we have lost before in childbirth due to ovarian issues, excessive bleeding, unsafe delivery environment, and poor health condition of the mother.

Abortion Laws In USA 

Abortion Laws In USA

The United States of America was a country that always gave permission for abortion on request. Yes, there were other discrepancies like cost and the availability of a clinic nearby in some states, but picking health was easier.

However, this was heavily disrupted after the latest passing of abortion rights, which took away the fundamental right to abortion from many.

The rights will differ from state to state. After all, post-fights, protests, and off-time balled elections, Ohio was successful in abolishing these laws. Giving full abortion rights to everyone in Ohio.

This is because of the split of state and federal law. Fourteen states still stand at a total abortion ban, while states like Georgia and California have denied an abortion for the past six weeks’ time.

Some states are in a state of ‘in flux,’ which means they could go forth with the abortion ban, or the state government will lift the charges. These include Wisconsin, Iowa, and Wyoming.

Among the countries that have completely banned abortions are Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, North Marina Islands, and American Samoa.

What Are The Consequences 

What Are The Consequences

The grave consequences that some of these women are facing are the strongest reasons why abortion should be legal everywhere. Yes, circumstances of such extreme body autonomy are important. However, a complete ban stands at the opposite spectrum of logic.

Many are moving across borders to get abortions.

In the wake of Roe-vs. Wade cyber security experts were also showing concern about the government tracking period tracking applications and collecting data. This is not a data breach but a complete violation of privacy. These applications include Flo, and Clue and have millions of users.

This information, if sold to a third party, can track whether a woman is missing their period. Tracking whether they are illegally getting abortions.

News like these do make your skin crawl in disgust and remind us of our worst dystopian novel.

Why Abortion Rights Should Be Legal

Putting a ban on something as fundamental as reproductive rights will lead to a societal regression.

If safe abortion is what we have to fight for, then other human right restrictions are also coming our way, including gender inequality, reproduction rights, right to safe medical care, body autonomy (for both men and women), right to privacy, scientific progress, and freedom overall.

A girl is of reproductive age from 15-50; however, WHO estimates that childbirth complication is the leading cause of death among girls aged 15-19. For girls who are dealing with childbirth due to cases of sexual assault from the age of 10-14 have the highest mortality rate.

This is because they cannot physically or mentally deal with such a situation. Do you think it is high time we kept quiet regarding these issues? Do you agree with why abortion rights should be legal? Let us know in the comment section below.

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