Understanding The Reserve Edition English Willow Cricket Bat: What Makes It Special?

published on: 21 February 2023 last updated on: 02 March 2023
Reserve Edition English Willow Cricket Bat

Have you ever seen a professional cricket bat that your favourite player was using, and you wondered which grade bats are these? It may look different than the regular one in the store. It’s time to discover what makes these bats so special and why you should Buy Reserve Edition English Willow. All of this will be explained in this guide, so keep reading!

Reserve Edition English Willow Cricket Bat- An Overview!

Here are some things that make the reserve edition English willow cricket bat special:

Grade Of Willow

The main feature that makes this bat special compared to other products is that it is the top most grade English Willow a player can use. The reserve edition has appropriate wood density that allows it to be lightweight along with providing maximum stroke.


The bats are made by professional craftsmen who have experience of decades in bat making. This allows the bat to be customised according to the player’s requirements. Hand made bats ensure that the bats are properly balanced and have light pickup.


Reserve grade English Willow is lightweight, making users feel comfortable holding the bat. This means that you will have more time for moving your hands and hitting the ball. Also, if you are an aggressive player, it will help in generating maximum momentum to hit the ball.


The English Willow used in ReserveEdition is high quality and very durable. This type of wood is extremely tough and resistant to cracks or damage. This means your bat will stay in good shape for a long time. This is important if you often play and don’t want to buy another bat every year. Furthermore, it also has low weight and contributes to the maximum power transfer when using it.

Consistent Performance

The Reserve Edition English Willow Cricket Bat is known for its consistent performance and great balance. The grain structure(9-15 grains) of the bat enables you to unlock the full stroke of the bat after a few hours of knock ins. Even if the players are new to cricket, they will feel the difference between their previous and the new bat. This is because it provides control and power to players during their play.


These are some of the unique features that make this bat a great choice for any player. Even if you are a beginner, you will quickly notice the difference between the Reserve edition bat and other products. However, If you are looking for other options then you can go for grade 1 English Willow Cricket Bat with confidence.

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