10 Tips For Painting Your Fences This Summer

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Painting Your Fence

A fence is not just a boundary or demarcation of your property—it’s way beyond! It is exposed to harsh weather conditions throughout the rugged winter.

This is why you must consider taking care of these wooden protectors the same way you do with your house.

But sometimes it becomes overwhelming as you may not have done it before. However you do not have to be worried.  We discussed some of the tips to paint the wall, this summer.

By following these handy hints below, you can achieve beautifully painted fences that enhance your outdoor space and stand up to summer weather conditions.

After all, proper preparation, technique, and maintenance are key to a successful and long-lasting paint job and that’s what you’ll achieve by following these steps and picking up supplies at your local builder’s merchants.

Reasons Why You Need To Paint Your Fenses This Summer

Before we move on to the discussion on the different tips for painting your walls during the summertime, let’s provide a background discussion on it.

The discussion helps you understand why you really need to take care of painting your fences this summer. 

1. Preserving The Wood Quality 

Unpainted wood is vulnerable as it is always exposed to the harshness of inclement weather. Moreover, painting acts as a protection or deterrent, making it difficult for pests to take refuge in it.  

By adding this very extra layer of defense, you are preserving the integrity of your fences and, at the same time, avoiding costly repairs. 

These extra layers of colors are indeed great, and they have the ability to expand the lifespan of your fence.

2. Exterior Appeal And Value Of Property

A freshly painted fence can boost the exterior beauty of not just the fence but the entire property.  

Whether you paint it with layers of the all-time classic white or creamy or with some other vibrant colors, your fence will look gorgeous.

A well-maintained and stylish fence can easily uplift the home’s overall aesthetics and increase the market value.

If you intend to sell the property, then you can get a good value on it, and that’s for sure. What you simply need to do is hire an expert if you think you are not capable enough to do it.

3. Personalization And Expression

Your fence is an integral part of the overall property, and it gives you an opportunity for self-expression. 

Hence, you have to be mindful when selecting the right colors. Choose the colors that resonate with your style and self-expression. Painting your fence with interesting colors can add to the style element. 

Tips To Painting Your Fence This Summer 

Summer is the best time to focus on the maintenance of your property. Hence, you must not waste time and procrastinate.

What you need to do is take initiative. However, you may be shaky initially and be overwhelmed with questions like what to do or how to start. Don’t worry, follow these tips. 

1. Choose The Right Paint And Tools

Choose The Right Paint And Tools

The selection of the right tools is crucial and is one of the key determiners of a successful fence painting project. Go for paint designed specifically for fences.

These paints offer weather resistance and durability. Use the highest-quality brushes or a paint sprayer to get the best results. Moreover, investing in the right quality tools saves your time and ensures a smoother finish.

2. Prepare The Fence Surface

Preparation is key to attaining a painting project that will last for quite some time. Clean the fence thoroughly, and thereafter remove old paint and dirt from its surface. A power brush or a stiff brush and soapy water can be highly effective.

Allow the fence time to complete before you begin with the proceedings. Sand any rough areas and repair the sections that got damaged to create a smooth, even surface.

3. Protect Surrounding Areas

Protect Surrounding Areas during painting of the fence

Before you start painting your fence, properly protect the area around it. You can use plastic sheets and drop clothes to completely cover the plants, grass, and other structures nearby. 

This will help you prevent accidental paint splatters and clean the adjacent areas easily after you are done with the job.

4. Prime The Fence

If your fence is made of bare wood, you must first apply a good-quality primer before painting it with your selected color. Primer acts as a base coat for your final paint and allows the paint to adhere better to the fence. Hence, you must be mindful of choosing a primer that is suitable for exterior use and compatible with your selected paint.

5. Paint In Suitable Weather Conditions 

Weather plays a significant role in how well your paint adheres and dries. Aim to paint on a dry, mild day with temperatures between 50°F and 85°F. 

Avoid painting in direct sunlight, as it can cause the paint to dry too quickly, leading to cracks and uneven coverage. Also, steer clear of rainy or very humid conditions.

6. Apply Multiple Thin Coats 

Use multiple thin layers rather than applying one thick coat of paint. This approach ensures better coverage and reduces the risk of drips and runs.

Make sure each coat dries completely before applying the next one. Follow the instructions on the tin when it comes to drying times.

7. Paint From Top To Bottom 

Start painting from the top of the fence and work your way down. This method helps to manage drips and allows you to smooth out any runs as you go. It also ensures a more uniform finish, as any drips will blend into the areas you paint afterward.

8. Use Proper Technique 

Use smooth, long strokes to apply the paint. If you are using a brush, go with the grain of the wood. For a sprayer, maintain a consistent distance from the fence to avoid uneven application. Overlap each stroke slightly to ensure complete coverage.

9. Inspect And Touch Up

After the final coat has dried, inspect your work for any missed spots or uneven areas. Touch up any imperfections with a small brush. This final step ensures a professional-looking finish and enhances the fence’s overall appearance.

10. Maintain Your Fence 

Regular maintenance extends the life of your painted fence. Clean it periodically and touch up any areas where the paint has chipped or faded. Proper upkeep will keep your fence looking fresh and protect it from the elements for years to come.


To wrap up the discussion, you have to take a look at the maintenance of your fence as it is equally important as taking care of your home.

These tips to painting the fence are extremely effective and you need to follow them to get the desired results.

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