Liven Up Your Living Space In 2023 With These 4 Tips

Addul Aziz mondol Lifestyle 17 January 2023 3 Mins Read

We all have loads of different goals for the new year, mostly involving getting fitter, losing weight, making more money or perhaps starting a business. But how about setting some resolutions for your home this year?

Committing to improving your home over the course of twelve months is a wonderful goal to set that can improve your quality of life, make you happier in your space and even improve your mental health overall. There are loads of ways you could think about home improvement, but here are a few simple ideas to liven up your living space, which is a great starting point in any home.

Add A Pop Of Colour

Even if you love your neutral palette, a little splash of colour here and there has been proven to boost people’s moods and make any room feel more inviting. If you’re feeling bold, try to go big and invest in some seriously colourful pieces. You can look for sofas in orange or emerald green, or perhaps go for brightly coloured curtains.

If you’re a little on the fence, starting small is okay. Keep your main, centre pieces neutral but throw in some colourful cushions, throws or artwork. You’ll quickly fall in love with having more colour in your life and start bringing in more.

Hang Stuff On The Wall

A mistake so many people make is neglecting to hang things on the wall when they move into a new home. Big, open spaces on the wall can make a room feel empty and lifeless.

Consider the type of things you’d like on your walls. You might hang big, bold artwork or perhaps a collection of family photos. You could create a gallery wall above your sofa or install hanging shelves to create a massive bookshelf out of your living room wall!

Bring The Outside In

Plants can make the world of difference when it comes to interior design. Not only does the greenery look amazing and add a splash of colour to your space, but having something living in your home can simply make it feel more inviting.

Indoor plants do a great job of improving your air quality, plus the responsibility of having something to care for can be comforting for some people – especially in apartments that don’t have a garden to do some landscaping.

Take Advantage Of Natural Light

Make sure to make the most of any natural light you can bring into your home. Light, bright and airy spaces just feel better to be in, and this can also do wonders for your mental state as well as the overall look of your home.

Make sure to open the curtains every day, and if you’re considering any renovations, then adding in big, glass sliding doors is an amazing option to think about, as this will add light and the illusion of a bigger space too – and who doesn’t want a to feel like they have more space?


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