What To Expect When You Learn That You Are Pregnant

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Finding out that you are pregnant can be a wonderful life experience and the thought that you have a person growing inside you can fill you with excitement and awe.

Nature is such a wonderful thing and the thing to understand here is that with pregnancy comes many changes when it comes to your body and your mind. All expectant mothers go through physical and emotional changes and some handle it better than others.

You have nine months ahead of you carrying around your unborn child and you’re going to experience many ups and downs.

You are of course going to experience lots of tiredness during the first trimester and so you will have to start changing your lifestyle somewhat to increase your energy levels. You should be eating more nutrient-rich food and healthy proteins to give you the energy that you and your baby need.

There are lots of books on the subject and your family and friends have probably been telling you what to expect, but the following are just some of the things that are going to happen in you need to learn about when you find out that you are pregnant.

3 Prime Changes Of Your Body That Will Determine Your Are Pregnant:

1. Your body will change –

Your body will change -

Over the coming weeks of your pregnancy, you can expect your breasts to get increasingly larger and they will become very tender to the touch.

The good news is that most of this discomfort will decrease as the weeks go by and as your body changes in getting ready for the arrival of your baby.

You’re going to experience sickness, especially in the morning when you are enjoying your cornflakes but just because it is called morning sickness, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to feel sick in the evenings and at night.

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2. You will pee more

You will pee more -

There is a baby growing in your tummy and so he or she is going to be moving around and pressing on your bladder. Your body will create more blood because after all there is a person inside you and so this causes your kidneys to create more fluid and that all end up going into your bladder.

Due to this and other things, you’re going to feel a lot more tired than you usually are and so make sure that you eat healthy food and you try to do some exercise whenever possible.

3. Digestive issues

Digestive issues

Most mothers experience some kind of constipation during the pregnancy and so it is very important that you drink lots of liquids and that you include fibre in your diet. It always is a good idea to get regular exercise and because you’re not feeling 100%, your emotions are going to be up and down as well. One moment you’re going to feel fantastic and the next moment you just want to burst into tears.

These are all the things that you have to look forward to and there are many more. The thing to remember here is that after all of this discomfort in your life is turned upside down, a little baby is going to arrive at the end of it all and it will make everything that you have gone through worthwhile.

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