The Land Rover & The Reasons Why You Should Buy One

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The Land Rover

If you or your family are currently in the market to buy a new vehicle then there are many different things that you have to consider.

Once you get past all of the marketing, you need to think about what it is that you want from your vehicle in terms of convenience and making your life a lot easier.

When you are checking the features of the land rover you will find all the satisfactory factors of the car.

The Land Rover Is A Perfect Family Vehicle

The Land Rover Is A Perfect Family Vehicle

You want a vehicle that can offer you multiple advantages while also being incredibly practical as well. Typically the family vehicle is used for ferrying the kids to school and back again and it is also there to make sure that the weekly shop goes off without any hitches. 

The family vehicle like the land rover also has to be able to take everyone away for the weekend to places like the countryside or the beach and so you need a vehicle that has lots of room in the back.

This leaves you in a little bit of a dilemma because there are vehicles out there that fit all of these categories but wouldn’t it be great to also have a vehicle that has the ability to go off-road as well.

This will allow you to travel where people are not normally able to go and so it opens up all kinds of different possibilities for you and your family members. 

Why Choosing The Land Rover?

Why Choosing The Land Rover?

Such vehicles that would be perfect would be the incredible Land Rover Defenders from Nene Overland.

I will bet you ten to a penny that this brand didn’t even pop into your head and so now that the thought is there, let me tell you about the many benefits of this particular vehicle. And after 

reading these factors you will know why the land rover is going to be your best pick.

1. It is easy on fuel

Now, many people would be completely surprised by this fact because we typically assume that a vehicle with a larger than the average engine is going to consume a lot more fuel.

The opposite is in fact true and due to modern engine technology, the Land Rover can easily cover 30 mpg when you are driving it on long trips across the country. 

This means that you save money for business and in your private life as well. There is an added bonus to this because it means that you are now doing your bit for the planet and you are taking an effective step to reduce your overall carbon footprint. 

2. Comfort Is Assured

Again, the belief is that a vehicle such as this will have you bouncing all over the road and the opposite is in fact through. For those of you who are a little bit taller than most and you need a vehicle that gives you a lot of headroom then the land rover is definitely the vehicle for you. 

The wonderful thing is that there is an incredible amount of clearance with a Land Rover and so this allows you to go off-road at any given time. You also get to enjoy the vast UK countryside that many of us never get to see because our vehicles are too low to the road and so we can see over the many ditches.


These are two reasons why you really do need to consider the Land Rover brand for your next vehicle purchase. It has never been more affordable to purchase one and they hold their value incredibly well. These are the reasons which make the land rover a perfect family vehicle.

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