Juana Ahumada: Everything You Need To Know About Pedro Rivera’s Wife!

Juana Ahumada

There are people across the internet who can be famous for weird reasons. And Juana Ahumada happens to be one of them. Yes, you heard that right. She is known for being the wife of Pedro Rivera.

Impossible, isn’t it?

In case you are up for her strange road to fame, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading this article till the end to learn more about her life and her marriage, and ultimately, how she became famous…

Juana Ahumada: Bio/Wiki

NameJuana Ahumada
Nick NameNone
Date of Birth7 August 1980/1995 (rumored) 
AgeNear 40’s (unknown)
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Spouse Pedro Rivera (2019-present)
Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenStep sons— Juan Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jr., and Gustavo RiveraStep daughters— Jenni Rivera, Rosie Rivera
Famous ForWife of Pedro Rivera
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height5 ft 4 inches1.65 meters165 centimeters
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown

Who Is Pedro Rivera?

Who Is Pedro Rivera
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Pedro Rivera Cervantes, or simply Pedro, is one of the most famous Mexican artists in the world. Born on 23 February 1943, he is a singer and actor.

He is also known for being the father of pop stars Lupillo Rivera and Jenni Rivera. In addition, he is the owner of the most famous and successful Latin record label in the entire world, Cintas Acuario.

Even though he is presently eighty years old, he still holds a very strong presence in the world of Regional Mexican and Latin music.

He married Rosa Amelia Rivera in 1963. And they stayed together till 2003. He is now married to his assistant of eight years, Juana Ahumada.

Now, Who Is Juana Ahumada?

Now, Who Is Juana Ahumada
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Juana Ahumada is one of those people who likes to keep her private life private. That is the reason why not a lot is known about her personal life. This involves her family (her parents and siblings). And, even if you search for “how old is Juana Ahumada,” you will not be able to get her exact age.

However, from what is open to the public, Juana appears to be a hardworking and polite woman. She is known for being efficient and responsible. Even though she was not famous before getting married to Pedro, she still continues to be his assistant and helps him by taking care of him and his work.

Juana Ahumada’s Career And Climb To Success!

Juana Ahumada’s Career And Climb To Success!
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Reading this article, you must have already known that the reason why she is famous is because of her marriage to the Mexican star Pedro. But how?

You see, Juana worked for Pedro Rivera as his assistant for many years. This gave them the chance to get to know each other and come closer to developing a bond. And there you have it!

Juana Ahumada And Pedro Rivera: Their Love-life!

Juana Ahumada And Pedro Rivera Their Love-life!
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Juana, as I have already said, worked for Pedro Rivera as his assistant. In the beginning, Pedro had a professional relationship with Juana. But as time went by, the two got close. They developed a romantic relationship.

There are rumors that they had an extramarital affair while Pedro was married to his first wife, Rosa.

Juana knows exactly what he needs and gets things organized for Pedro. As an assistant, she was and is efficient.

In 2019, the two tied the knot in a private ceremony. The marriage ceremony was held in Huntington Park, located in California.

Even though Juana is much younger than Pedro, and they have an age difference of almost forty years, their marriage is going great. She is the mother of her husband, Pedro Rovera musician children, Jenni Rivera (1969-2012) and Lupillo Rivera (b. 1978).

Juana Ahumada Net Worth: How Much Money Does Juana Ahumada Have?

Juana Ahumada Net Worth How Much Money Does Juana Ahumada Have
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Now, this is one of the things that most of you must have been waiting for, how much money does Juana Ahumada have?

Well, considering the fact that Juana is married to one of the most influential people in the world of Mexican Music, Pedro Rivera, she automatically becomes the owner of his massive empire. Even if not the entire net worth of Pedro, which is nearly 200 million dollars (USD), she still gets a good portion.

Apart from that, the estimated net worth of Juana Ahumada is nearly four hundred thousand dollars ($400k).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you have reached almost the end of this article, I would suggest you go through some of these questions that readers frequently ask. Then, who knows, you might get some more clarity and other lesser-known information about Juana Ahumada!

1. How Is Juana Ahumada Related To Jenni Rivera?

Ans: Juana Ahumada is the wife of Pedro Rivera. And Pedro is the father of the deceased Latin-American pop star Jenni Rivera. So in that way, Juana Ahumada is related to Jenni Rivera.

2. Is Pedro Rivera Married?

Ans: Pedro Rivera is one of the greatest Latin pop stars in the world. He was married to Rose Rivera till 2003. In the year 2019, Pedro married his assistant, Juana Ahumada.

3. How Many Children Do Pedro Rivera And Juana Ahumada Have?

Ans: Pedro and Juana are married, but they do not have any children together. Juana is, however, the mother of Pedro’s children, which includes Jenni Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, and Juan Rivera.

And That Is A Wrap!

Juana Ahumada is best known for being the wife of Mexican star Pedro Rivera. Hse is a woman who loves to keep her private life separate and private. That is one of the main reasons why not a lot is known to the public about her personal life, even about her age!

In case you were looking for some information related to Juana Ahumada, I hope that this article has been of help to you. If you have any queries regarding the same, feel free to write them down in the comment section below.

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