The Animated Advantage: Importance Of Corporate Videos In Businesses

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Corporate Videos

The business world is inherently dynamic, responding to changing needs as time passes. One aspect of business that requires attention is corporate messaging.

Traditional corporate messaging strategies involve internal memos, newsletters, events, reports, and blog posts. But a new corporate messaging medium is gathering steam: animated videos. To keep up with the competition, businesses need to embrace the power of animated videos. But, of course, that requires relevant expertise.

If in-house creation is not possible, companies can instead hire a video production company to create a highly impactful animated corporate video. Let’s explore the importance of animated corporate videos in today’s business landscape.

Animated Videos: A Powerful Communication Medium

Animated videos have a myriad of benefits over other internal communication tools that businesses commonly utilize, such as emails and newsletters. Here are some of the main benefits of animated corporate videos:

Boosts Employee Engagement

A record number of employees feel disengaged at work, and businesses are keen to re-engage them. A report by Gallup found that as many as 85 percent of employees are disengaged at work, which should set off alarm bells for company leaders.

Engaged employees are more energized and efficient—they go beyond what is expected of them and positively influence those around them. The benefits of employee engagement are numerous: it improves work culture, increases productivity, reduces employee turnover, and vitally improves the company’s bottom line.

A great way to re-engage employees is to create animated videos. Many employees are feeling disengaged from their jobs, and some have lost that sense of purpose associated with their roles. Creating animated videos explaining the company’s mission and values in an entertaining and digestible way will help employees feel more engaged in the workplace.

Simplifies Complex Information Or Concepts

Corporate messaging can delve into intricate details and complex topics, which can be intimidating, especially for new starters traversing the onboarding process. Animated videos come to the rescue by making things more straightforward and far more digestible. For instance, abstract concepts can be presented visually, helping the audience grasp concepts faster than if they were listening to a speaker with no visual cues.

Let’s put this into context. Imagine you’re part of the marketing team at a tech company. The company has recently announced internally that a new product is being launched, and the marketing team needs to launch a campaign to create buzz.

An animated video is made to help the team—who aren’t as technically-minded as the product development team—understand the new product. Because the animated video explained some difficult-to-grasp concepts to the team using visual cues, you and your marketing colleagues are able to go away and launch a campaign that communicates the benefits of the new product to potential customers.


The initial investment in an animated video might seem steep, but it’s not nearly as costly as other video types. There’s no need to hire expensive actors, film crew, filming, and sound equipment, or rent a filming location for several days to get the shots you need.

In the end, commissioning a video production company to create an animated video ends up costing considerably less. While a live-action video costs upwards of £10,000 (depending on various factors), a high-quality animated video might cost half this amount.

Creative Possibilities

Another advantage of animated videos over live-action ones is the creative possibilities open to you. With live action, you have no choice but to operate within the laws of nature and a budget that is probably tighter than you’d like.

Animated videos have no such obstacle, allowing you to be as creative as you want. You have the freedom to communicate your corporate message in truly unique ways that will get your employees talking, so let your imagination run wild!

Brand Consistency

Animated videos are a great way to maintain brand consistency. The animation can reflect your company’s style guide, featuring your brand colors, logo, and fonts. When your corporate messaging aligns perfectly with your brand identity, it is not only cohesive but memorable for those watching.

Types Of Animated Corporate Videos

There are several types of animated corporate videos to choose from:

Explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are one of the most popular video marketing formats. These videos are typically less than two minutes long and explore a brand, product, or concept in a straightforward way to aid comprehension.

Brand Storytelling Videos

Another popular corporate animation video format is brand storytelling videos. This type of video usually explores the brand in its entirety, including the founders and those who inspired them, as well as the company’s goals, values, and overall mission.

Brand storytelling videos are a great tool for onboarding new hires, allowing them to learn more about the business they are representing. But that’s not all—this type of video can also be shared with consumers to create interest in the company and drive sales.

Product Demos

Product demos aren’t only for the eyes of customers. This type of animated video is great for communicating the uses and benefits of products and services internally, ensuring that all departments are on the same page. No one likes a written tutorial guide that they have to spend hours trawling through—keep them engaged with a product demo video instead!

In Summary

Animated corporate videos are growing in popularity, and it’s no wonder why. They are a fantastic way to engage employees, simplify complex concepts and maintain brand consistency. Compared to live-action videos, animated corporate videos are also cost-effective, and the creative possibilities are almost endless.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, so must internal communication strategies. Gone are the days when an informative email would suffice—companies need to do more to connect with their employees and key stakeholders.

Thanks to their visually pleasing and highly engaging nature, animated videos are now an essential tool for internal corporate communication. Businesses that embrace animated videos will reap the benefits, such as better employee engagement which may translate to a stronger bottom line.

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