How To Delete Your Digital Footprint

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published on: 25 October 2022 last updated on: 26 October 2022
Digital Footprint

Whenever we are online browsing through the search engine, using social media to post, and using websites to look into information, we are creating a digital footprint.

There are plenty of breadcrumbs of information that we leave behind for others to follow. It is these footprints that advertisers and other organizations follow.

If you have ever noticed how you searched for something and the other moment you can see ads related to it. This is the result of the advertiser getting hands on your digital footprints and showing what you were looking for.

While it is okay for an advertiser to be following you, what if a fraudulent activist is following you to access your personal information? In that case, it would be extremely dangerous for you not to secure your Digital footprints.

Before we can jump into securing and reducing digital footprints, it is important to know what these digital footprints are all about.

What Is Digital Footprint?

If you want to understand what digital footprint is all about, you must think of the digital world as a desert – sand everywhere.

So, when you take a step. It makes a footprint. And when you cover up the distances, it makes a trail of footprints.

The same thing can be said when you are browsing the internet. Every time you use the internet, your activity log leaves a crumb of information behind. Now, this breadcrumb can be compared to cache memory, you liking and sharing different posts, or making an online purchase.

When everything is combined, it creates digital footprints of all your activity online. These digital footprints can be used to identify you online.

What Is So Important About Ab Digital Footprint?

The important thing about digital footprint is that they are identifying. In simple words, they can be traced back to see whose footprints these are. In fact, in most cases, digital footprints are tied down with your real identity in the real world.

Because of this, fraudulent activists can use your sensitive information to impersonate you and do unlawful things.

Simply put, digital footprints are privacy nightmares.

If this is not enough to prove the gravity of the matter, the following points will be able to tell you why they matter so much.

  • Digital footprints are pretty much permanent. Once you create them, they are here forever.
  • If the information associated with your digital footprint becomes public, it is impossible to control it.
  • Digital footprints are responsible for your online reputation.
  • A digital footprint can be hijacked and misused.

Practices To Reduce Your Digital Footprint

There is a common misconception among people that the only people who want to hide their digital footprint are the ones that have something to hide. Well, the truth is even if you don’t have anything to hide, you wouldn’t want everyone to know what your bank details are, right? For this exact reason, it is important to reduce digital footprints.

Reduce Your Digital Footprint

Below are a few methods you can practice to reduce or delete your digital footprint.

1. Deactivate Old Accounts

When you subscribe or sign in to any services online, they ask for your name, email address, and sometimes profile picture. This is done for security reasons from their end and to ensure you are not a robot. But, it also means that your information is now out there.

To prevent your information from being misused, remove the account as soon as the work is done. In case you might forget, write down the details of every account and ensure to delete them after a certain period of time.

2. Avoid Posting Any Personal Information Online

There are times when digital platforms ask a lot more about your personal information than other platforms. This usually happens with social media platforms. While you are free to post what you want, remember that the more information you put online, the more you put your privacy at risk.

When it is optional, try to avoid that. This will ensure only a bare minimum of information circulating digitally about you.

3. Remove Yourself From Any Data Collection Website

There are many websites online collecting data. These companies can find everything you do online. These companies then sell data to interested third-party companies.

Not only does this mean that you will be bombarded with ads and spam, but it also means that your personal information has been circulated among different companies without your consent.

4. Check Your Privacy Settings

This is important, especially for your social media accounts. When you are using your social media accounts only to connect with your family members and friends, there is no point in showcasing all your personal information.

Double-check that all your privacy settings are okay and not a single piece of valuable information is being shared with people who are not your friends and family.

5. Use Stealth Mode When Browsing Or Using The Internet

Most browsers have a way to secure your browsing. Yes, you guessed it correctly – it’s private browsing. This method helps you browse online and access any website without others tracking your movement.

However, although private browsing makes your browsing secure, it doesn’t make you completely invisible. The security is moderate. So, you must also be looking for other methods to secure your online presence.


To avoid your sensitive information from getting into the hands of others, share less information about yourself on the internet or any other digital media platform.

But, that seems to be impossible as the modern generation is so into social media. In that case, the only solution you have is to use a VPN.

A VPN stands for a virtual private network. It offers an extra layer of security that protects your sensitive information. It also reduces the risk of websites tracking and collecting your data.

If you don’t know the real benefits of using a VPN, why not try VPN for free and then gauge its potential? Once you know its usefulness, you can go for a premium version with revamped security.

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