How Can Your Daring Attitude Earn You Some Money? High-Paying Risky Jobs

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Risky Jobs

People work for stability, happiness, and to be able to pay their bills. However, many jobs are perilous, with workers often risking their lives, like fishermen or oil rig workers.

And the worst part is that a few of these jobs, like being a fisherman, don’t pay well. The median salary of a fisherman is $25,000, and they face the risk of death.

However, dangerous jobs pay well, like those of a sewer inspector or an oil rig worker. The latter pays around $182,000 a year, but it’s a highly dangerous job as you have to work in harsh conditions in the middle of the sea. If you are wondering what some other risky jobs that pay well are, read on below.

Top 7 High-Paying Risky Jobs

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 1. Oil rig worker

A risky job that pays well is being an oil rig worker. They have to work in conditions and situations that are harsh on an offshore oil rig. Their work is in the middle of the sea, in confined spaces. They work over 12 hours per shift, which requires physically intensive work, like maintaining or cleaning pipes.

They have to wear protective gear all the time, including earplugs and protective eyeglasses. Otherwise, they can suffer from fatal injuries, like hearing or eyesight loss. Because it is a confined space job, confined space training can help an aspirant better prepare for it.

This risky and lonely job pays $72,229 or even $182,000 annually.

2. Professional Athlete

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A professional athlete workout physically and mentally daily when playing a game. Unfortunately, it makes their body a bit run down, and the injuries they report are several and severe.

An athlete can get daily strains, tears, and sprains. However, they can also break a bone and get disabled easily. It is a risky job with little stability. But when you are on top of your career, you earn handsomely.

3. Mining machine operator

Mining for resources is a dangerous, confined space job that has resulted in over 37 deaths in 2021. It is a shocking number, but what’s more shocking is the pay a miner gets. With a minimum degree requirement, a person can become a miner. But with a degree, you can get a higher paycheck and added safety. A mining engineer’s average salary is often $97,000.

4. Truck driver with heavy cargo

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Everyone knows how hard the life of a truck driver is. It is not just the long hours or driving through the night with high risks of accidents. The pay for truck driving isn’t high. But if a driver is willing to haul hazardous gases and cargo, the pay is high, which he is entitled to. Driving around with cargo that may or may not explode on impact offers a massive paycheck.

5. Working on towers or skyscrapers

Working on towers or skyscrapers is just as dangerous as being an oil rig worker. Because transmission towers and skyscrapers are so tall, there is a risk of falling and being electrocuted. If you don’t fear heights and are looking for a thrilling job, try this one, which pays around $73,000 annually. Also, ironworkers who work on skyscrapers can get around $100,000 per year.

6. Stunt Double

Do you love doing stunts? If yes, then you can try being a movie stunt double. It will require you to do risky jobs like jumping from a height, falling off a horse, or even performing martial arts, which may break your neck. If you enjoy doing all this, like Tom Cruise, who doesn’t use a stunt double, you can earn up to $880 a day.

7. Electrical power line workers

Photo electrical engineer turns off the voltage on a power line in an electrical control cabinet.

Were you aware that you cannot work on electrical power lines without shutting them off? Yes, it is true. It is a risky job with the worry of getting electrocuted with live high-tension wires and more. On the upside of this perilous job is their salary, which in some areas is nearly $65k. However, this job does require experience and qualifications.

If you are looking for a thrill or if these challenges appeal to you, you can work in one of these industries. The downside is that you will be in the line of fire a lot with no cubicle safety. But the upside is that you earn well. And most people in these industries work these jobs because they love their work. What about you?


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