A Comprehensive Guide To Measured Building Surveys

published on: 27 November 2023 last updated on: 11 January 2024
Measured Building Surveys

Measured building surveys, also known as measured surveys, provide detailed and accurate measurements of a building’s dimensions and features. This comprehensive guide will explain what measured surveys are when you need one, how you conduct them, and what information they provide.

What Is A Measured Building Survey?

A  qualified surveyor measures building surveys. It is an in-depth survey conducted by a firm such as csw-surveys.co.uk to record the precise dimensions, layout, and details of a building. The surveyor will take measurements of all external and internal features, fixtures, and fittings. This includes the building footprint, room sizes, door and window openings, staircases, floor-to-ceiling heights, and more.

The result is a comprehensive set of accurate drawings, plans, elevations, and sections and a comprehensive writing plan. This complete measured survey record of the building provides important information for various needs.

When Do You Require  A Measured Survey?

There are a few key situations when one requires a measured building survey:

  • Renovating or converting a building: To develop accurate plans for building works, conversions, and interior alterations.
  • Restoring historic buildings: Measured surveys are vital for heritage conservation projects to understand the building’s original architecture.
  • Resolving property disputes: If there is a dispute regarding boundaries or rights of way, an impartial measured survey can provide evidence to resolve it.
  • Prior to demolition or dismantling: To record a building’s characteristics for posterity before any demolition or reconstruction takes place.
  • Insurance purposes: Most building insurance policies require an up-to-date measured survey in case the building needs to be rebuilt.

How Is A Measured Building Survey Conducted?

There are several key steps involved in undertaking a measured building survey:

Pre-Survey Preparations

The surveyor will first visit the site to assess the scope of the project, take photos, and create a preliminary sketch. They will also gather any existing floor plans, elevations or other drawings that exist.

Measuring And Recording

The surveyor will then systematically take measurements of the entire interior and exterior using a variety of tools like a steel tape measure, laser measure, plumb bobs, and spirit levels. Next, you have to take notes on all materials, construction methods, and features.

Drafting The Report

The surveyor will use the measurement data to draw up floor plans, elevations, section drawings, and 3D models if there is a requirement. These come under the procurement along with photographic records and descriptive reports into a comprehensive document.

Quality Assurance Checking

The lead surveyor will double-check all drawings, measurements, and records to spot any errors or omissions before finalizing the survey report.

What Information Does A Measured Survey Provide?

The complete measured survey report will contain the following:

  • Accurate floor plans detailing room sizes, layouts, openings, and features
  • Precise elevations of all exterior façades including materials, fenestration, and ornamentation
  • Cross-section drawings showing floor-to-ceiling heights and structural elements
  • Scaled drawings of joinery, moldings, staircases, and other intricate details
  • A detailed report describing the building’s form, materials, and architectural elements
  • Photographic documentation of general and close-up views

A measured building survey is essential for anyone needing an accurate and complete record of a building’s physical dimensions and characteristics. While a thorough process, a measured survey provides peace of mind that you have meticulously documented a building for renovations, restorations, insurance claims, or heritage records.

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