3 Amazing Family Attractions When Fostering in Manchester

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published on: 18 March 2023 last updated on: 23 March 2023
Fostering in Manchester

There probably isn’t a better city on earth that offers such amazing family activities when fostering children of all ages.

From tiny tots to teens, there are so many family attractions that there will be something to do any day of the year, except Christmas of course, when many attractions are closed for that one day.

Are you a new foster carer in the Manchester area? If so, while you may already be familiar with these local family attractions, we’ve chosen three of the very best that we know foster children of any age will absolutely love.

Here Are Three Amazing Family Attractions When Fostering in Manchester

Family Attractions When Fostering in Manchester

1. Year-Round Fun at the Chill Factore

When fostering in Manchester, the one thing you always want to do is explore fun activities for the foster children placed in your care. The Chill Factore is ideal because it is open every day of the year except Christmas.

Even in the heat of the summer, the entire family can have fun on the “snowy” slopes, all of which are indoors. There is a special children’s area where they can slide down mini slopes on inflatable rubber rings or enjoy the twists and turns on the Ice Slide.

Even teens will have the time of their life “playing” in the snow and racing their peers down the slope. Why not bring along a mate or two from school to make an even better fun-filled day for your foster children?

2. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

This is something any foster child of almost any age will enjoy doing. Did you know that many of today’s most popular video games are LEGO games such as the LEGO Star Wars Games? These games actually use LEGO characters but if you look closely at the most popular video game on earth, Minecraft, you will see that their characters all look LEGO inspired, so even teens will enjoy the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre!

3. InflataNation Theme Park

Here is another fun attraction in Manchester that can be enjoyed most by younger children, but older foster children have been known to get bouncy as well. If you have foster children who seem to have endless amounts of energy they struggle to control, this would be a perfect activity for them on a weekend after a long week in the classroom.

What better way is there to get out all that pent-up energy than to bounce around in the ball bounce area or slide down the inflatable slides? Even parents and foster carers are allowed in the bouncy areas so that they can snap photos with their ever-present mobile phones. What a great way to let them bounce to their heart’s content!

The truth is, fostering in Manchester can be so much easier than in many other parts of the world simply because there are so very many attractions for families with children.

Few cities on earth seem to be quite as family-oriented and with the generous care allowance foster carers receive, there is plenty of money to pay for these attractions and so many more you want to explore.

Remember, it’s all about the children and the best way to settle them into your household is to let them have a great time in activities such as these.

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