How A 3PL Partner Helps An eCommerce Business To Test A Market

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published on: 01 November 2022 last updated on: 03 November 2022
3PL Partner

E-commerce businesses need to test their market and find the right product-selling strategy. This is where a third-party logistics partner comes in handy.

They help e-commerce businesses by matching their needs and offering solutions. Let’s look at how they can help an e-commerce business with its testing needs.

What is Third Party Logistics?

Third-party logistics providers help e-commerce businesses manage their inventory, receive and store products, and deliver shipments to customers.

They’re different from traditional in-house logistics teams because they’re specialized. They’re also an essential part of e-commerce businesses’ supply chains.

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Third-party logistics providers can vary significantly in their level of service and suitability for your eCommerce needs.

Before choosing one, research the different options and compare the offerings to find the one that best fits your needs. Red Stag Fulfillment is a premier 3PL provider offering order fulfillment services.

How a Third-Party Logistics Partner Helps an eCommerce Business

There are many ways that a third-party logistics partner can help an e-commerce business. Let’s look at how they can help with the most common issues an e-commerce business faces when testing a market.

Aerial view of container cargo ship in sea.

  • Finding the Right Market: A third-party logistics provider can help you find the right market for your product. They can help you find high-potential markets and the best channel with the most demand for your product.
  • Managing Inventory: A 3PL provider can help you manage inventory by ensuring that it is received and stored appropriately. They can also help you better understand demand by gathering data on which products people in your target market are buying.
  • Customer Services: A third-party logistics provider can help you serve the customer better. They can help you find customers who have placed orders for your products in the past, helping you build a customer database. They can also help you manage refunds and returns, helping you avoid unprofitable orders.

Tips for Testing a Market

  • Use Shopify Analytics: Shopify’s analytics are great for helping you understand your market. They provide data on product categories and their popularity, helping you understand your product and its demand.
  • Understand the eCommerce Marketplace: You need to understand the marketplace where you sell your products. How are they listed, and how are they being displayed? What are the listing and shipping times like? How easy is it to list and sell your products? These are important considerations when testing a particular market.
  • Consider the Cost of Operational Support: You should also consider the operational support required to sell your products. What costs are associated with the marketplace you’re using? What is the cost of listing, shipping, and returns? What is the seller protection policy? These can be important considerations when testing a market.

Aerial view of container cargo ship in sea.

Third-party logistics partners can help an e-commerce business by testing the market and finding the right selling strategy for their products.

They can also assist with managing inventory, offloading the customer, and inventory control. A 3PL provider can be the helping hand your business needs to grow into new markets.


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