Why Truck Accident Claims Are More Complicated Than Other Claims

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published on: 04 March 2023 last updated on: 23 September 2023
Truck Accident Claims

Truck accidents are one of the most horrific accidents on the road that cause more damage to life and property. In 2019 alone, 4,119 people died in truck accidents.

Truck accident claims are always more severe than car accidents because tractor-trailers are heavier than other smaller passenger cars. The most common causes of truck accidents are a distraction, driving while tired, driving under the influence of drugs, etc.

Why Do Truck Accidents Are So Horrific?

A truck’s immense size and heavy weight are two primary reasons why the end of a truck accident can be catastrophic. Trucks can smash and crush personal vehicles that are as much as 30 times smaller and lighter. Additionally, cargo may fall off these vehicles, causing property damage and injury.

Furthermore, another problem that may occur while involved in diesel engine vehicles is that drivers cannot see particular areas while changing lanes or turning. However, the circumstances of a truck accident also require an additional investigation from individual attorneys and the truck company, mechanics, police, and other investigators.

Damage recovery following a truck accident is generally longer and more complicated, and liability for truck accident claims may be more complex than in a regular car accident.

If you experienced a truck accident where the victim which caused by an at-fault trucker, which you are entitled to any type of compensation for your truck injuries. However, settling your claim with the insurance company may be more complex than you think, even if the truck driver’s recklessness was clear-cut.

Reasons Why Truck Accidents Are More Complicated

 Truck Accidents Are More Complicated

Here are 5 reasons why truck accident claims are more complex and take time to solve

1. Serious Injuries

Commercial trucks are much heavier than regular passenger vehicles, and it’s common for victims to suffer more severe injuries or be died in a truck accident.

Injuries sustained in a truck accident are long-term injuries which include burns, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or any internal organ damages that can require expensive medical treatment for the purposes the truck accident claims are always going to help you. This claim process can also affect their ability to work for the rest of their lives.

Furthermore, victims are entitled to much more compensation from the trucking companies, especially when their injuries could be permanent, making settling their claims more challenging.

2. Trucking Regulation

Truck drivers and trucking companies have specific rules imposed by the transportation department that must be adhered to based on the state they are driving through.

These rules for truck accident claims govern everything, including regulations on the trucker qualifications, truck maintenance and f fixed hours a truck driver can go without taking any break, and what type of cargo is allowed to be shipped.

If any of these regulations are violated during any of the accidents, it could affect who is liable. In many truck collisions, violations of these laws may have caused or contributed to the crash. This can make determining the cause of the wreck more complicated.

3. Necessary Evidence

Truck accident claims can be complex because the evidence must be obtained and analyzed and proves the liability. This includes obtaining documents such as police reports, other witness testimony, live video footage from nearby surveillance cameras, mobile phone records, and vehicle maintenance logs.

A supportive truck accident lawyer also helps you with this process to ensure a positive outcome. You can check out a website offering detailed guidance and steps to contact such a lawyer to save time and find effective solutions.

4. Increased Chances Of Death

In recent studies, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has shown that truck accidents cause between 3,000 and 5,000 deaths per year. Generally, when a victim loses their life in an accident, the fault determinations become more laborious.

The whole legal process is drawing out. It is the best option for whoever is filing a wrongful death claim to hire an accident attorney and conduct an independent investigation for them rather than relying on findings and the potential at-fault party.

5. High Stakes

While the trucking company and trucker will have much more insurance coverage to compensate a truck crash victim fully, any of the insurance companies will be more likely to fight harder and longer for not settling the claim amount because of the considerable value of the truck accident claims.


Now that you understand why the compensation truck accident claims for the truck accident victims are so complicated. Always have an educated attorney who can maximize your chances of obtaining the compensation you need and deserve when pursuing damage recovery following a truck accident. Any of the attorneys can also navigate the legal process in a more smooth fair compensation amount for you.

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