What Are The Makeup Brands That Test On Animals – Being A Conscious Consumer

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What Are The Makeup Brands That Test On Animals

Did you know there are 44 out of 50 makeup brands that test on animals? STILL! 

Well, if this doesn’t ignite the conscious consumer in you, what should? 

Suppose you are looking for a list of makeup brands that are still not cruelty-free in the 21st century, especially when it is almost impossible not to know the problem with animal testing in the age of social media.

Being an animal activist is getting harder when seeing big multibillion-dollar conglomerates testing their products on animals. Moreover, now that we can use the research funding for better makeup testing methods.

So many over-the-counter products are still being tested on animals, and if you want to be conscious about what you put on your face, then keep reading!

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing many of the brands that we should leave behind in 2023, especially when there are so many better, vegan, PETA-friendly alternatives that you can incorporate into your routine.

What Is Animal Testing?

What Is Animal Testing

Animal testing is so much more than injecting a few chemicals into a laboratory animal to check for reactions.

These animals are kept in complete isolation. Force-feeding, shaving their skin, and continuously inflicting mental and physical pain are quite common in the cosmetic world.

I stress the word ‘common’. Because there aren’t many to bat an eye and continue using these products.

Yes, there isn’t much you can do to change someone’s perception. However, you can always be the best animal activist from the grassroots level.

This is data that shows how animal testing is still a reality and the shocking truths behind makeup brands that test on animals.

Makeup Brands that Test on Animals

Makeup Brands that Test on Animals

With better options and humans volunteering for these tests to spare the animals, there is no excuse to still be testing on these poor, innocent souls. (Source)

So, keep this list in mind, and then decide what we should do about it.


Although Armani skincare and makeup are very luxurious, remember your luxury comes at a price. The price is at the expense of the pain and mental trauma of innocent, voiceless animals.

Although Giorgio Armani is mostly a fashion brand, it also sells high-end makeup. If you are addicted to that airbrush luxury makeup, feel, trust me, there are vegan alternatives.


The MLM which changed the world. Avon started in 1886 in New York, and now it is still reaching a sensational global status. It also brings a sense of nostalgia within us, remembering the “lipstick lady” our mothers used to swatch shades from.

However, (even though it is with a heavy heart) we should say goodbye to this brand and go for a better alternative. Even after all these years of experience, Avon is still not totally cruelty-free.


The quintessential French makeup brand still manages to garner the most attention. However, did you know that their makeup or skincare is not cruelty-free?

Again, we do hate seeing a brand that has been around for so long, and with their income, they surely have the means to fund vegan research. Yet, they decided to go the age-old way to test animals.

Guess old habits die hard!


If any makeup company needs to enter the Chinese market, they do need to test on animals. Therefore, it could be shocking to see this name on our list.

Whenever we have to buy vegan makeup, since there aren’t many, we go for the Nars one. However, they are changing their cruelty laws to fit the Chinese market.

Yes, they might still have some products for the “conscious consumer” base, which doesn’t sell in China; it is all to grow their business.

Unfortunately, it is safe to say that being cruelty-free is not exactly in their Ethos.


This could be the most difficult of them all because they are so good. MAC Cosmetics, owned by Estée Lauder Companies, was among the cosmetics brands that had, in the past, conducted animal testing.

For a big company like Mac, this looks and sounds like an ancient habit they cannot give up. With the changing landscape of animal testing in many companies, it is difficult to say why MAC is not on board.

It is sad to let this makeup brand go because it hosts some of the best fan-favorite makeup. Alas, it is time to bid this goodbye until it does with its cruelty-free campaign.

Estee Lauder

The literal parent of all makeup brands that test on animals!

Since Estee Lauder is one of the companies that are heavily popular in China, it is safe (…or unsafe) to say that they do tests on animals quite frequently.

Rather than discussing each brand separately, I will be giving you an entire list of which over-the-counter products we are planning to discard:

Fair warning: you might see some of the very popular brands out here:

After all, this brand has been called by many for having uncompromising ethics. We wonder why such Ethos doesn’t follow when it comes to protecting the animals.

  • Clinique: Although it is a skincare brand that is highly liked by many celebrities, it is still not a cruelty-free product.
  • Bobby Brown: Another makeup industry veteran who has made many millennial childhoods. We all dreamt of having every Bobby Brown product there ever was. Unfortunately, that dream will now remain a dream since we need to protect the animals.
  • La Mer: Among makeup brands that test on animals, we will be the saddest for La Mer to go. Since it is a little on the pricier side, it gives you that ultimate luxury feel. However, sad to say, it still hasn’t gone up the cruelty-free bandwagon.


Benefit is guilty of paying third-party communities to sell their products in China. This means you shouldn’t believe their “cruelty-free” claim.

These third-party communities test their products before they go up to the market in China. Therefore, they might not be doing it in their US laboratories, which doesn’t expel them from doing it anyway.


Bioderma is known for its micellar water. They are soothing to the eyes and face. Takes away makeup without tugging the skin.

Unfortunately, all these benefits come at a price since they are clearly tugging the animal’s shaved and vulnerable skin.

Again, Bioderma themselves claim not to test on animals. However, they do consciously allow other third-party retailers in other countries to test on animals.

Therefore, calling themselves cruelty-free might be a marketing tactic to appease their conscious US audience. It is clearly not their ethical standpoint!


Not so much with makeup, but a pioneer with perfume!

This “old money” brand is making headway when it comes to exceptional marketing. However, not the same amount of funds are going after stopping to inject these items into the vulnerable skin of animals.

It is not just about finding alternatives that can prevent animal testing. But it is also about not selling in countries that make animal testing mandatory.

You can find many such luxury scents from indie brands that do not test on animals.

Rimmel London

Not only is this brand not “anti-animal testing,” but it also doesn’t represent the ingredient list of its products with full transparency.

Again, it is very much sold in China.

Let’s not go into the ethics of this company since it clearly asks young girls to wear makeup at school to succeed better.


Yet another company that sets up the stage to be cruelty-free. However, they still have people who test their products on animals to sell in other countries.

It is an age-old story, like many before us.

This is one of the reasons why you should carefully check and testify to everything a luxury brand says before using it.

Every time you try luxury makeup, always look for the “hopping bunny” first.


Now, this is a controversial number and might steer many backlashes. However, Fendi is again another designer company with luxury-level makeup that sells in China.

The worst part is that it boasts a lot about its cruelty-free claim and how it only wants to create a beauty industry that is anti-animal testing.

These passionate words often make people make a decisive choice to invest in the brand without even knowing the problems that may come up later.

Jhonson & Jhonson

It’s not exactly a makeup brand, but you should still know about this. For any child-related product requirement, we automatically go to Jhonson & Jhonson, which is a household name.

Although, in its Ethos, the company claims to do its best to eliminate animal testing, we might require more clarification.

For example, they sell their products in the Chinese market. Although China is now trying to reform its cruelty-free laws, claiming that not all products have to be tested on animals as of 2021, children’s products will still require animal testing.

Jhonson & Jhonson, being the world’s leading baby product retailer, does make us question whether their ethics towards eradicating animal cruelty are on the right lane.

Cosmetics Brand Do Not Need to Test in Animals

Cosmetics Brand Do Not Need to Test in Animals

Did you know that 95% of animal testing fails during human testing? This means companies do not really need to test on animals, especially when there are so many alternatives to animal testing out there.

In response to consumer concerns and changing regulations, many cosmetics brands have voluntarily adopted cruelty-free practices. These brands avoid testing their products or ingredients on animals. 

Additionally, some brands seek certification from organizations like Leaping Bunny or PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program to demonstrate their commitment to cruelty-free practices.

It’s essential to note that laws and regulations can vary by country, and the status of animal testing practices in the cosmetics industry may have evolved since my last update. 

If you are concerned about a specific brand or want the latest information, I recommend checking the brand’s official statements and website or contacting them directly for their current stance on animal testing.

How To Know Whether You Are Using Makeup Brands That Test on Animals

How To Know Whether You Are Using Makeup Brands That Test on Animals

If you are someone trying your best to be a responsible citizen of the world. Doing your best to be an animal activist at heart, the first thing you can do is discard products that are not cruelty-free.

However, the important question remains –

How can you be sure that the products are being tested on animals?

This is because many companies like Jhonson & Jhonson and Rimmel London claim to work towards eradicating cruelty towards animals.

Therefore, here is how you can find out whether they are cruelty-free:

  • Check whether they have the leaping bunny sign. This is the most common way to understand because any product with the sign has received an authentic certification.
  • Research the company’s origin. If the company’s origins are from the European Union, India, Denmark, or Israel, remember they have banned animal testing on their cosmetic and makeup products.
  • You can directly contact the company by sending them an email or tagging them over social media and knowing the policy in full detail.
  • Go to government cruelty-free sites and get a list of vegan makeup brands.
  • See whether your makeup brand sells in countries like China and Japan, where animal testing is still mandatory on some cosmetic products.

We understand it is not possible to look through every brand’s Ethos to check which makeup brands test on animals, but you can always keep educating yourself.

Find out the cruelty-free policies in countries, and mostly the makeup brands you like using. Being a conscious decision takes time, and do not be too hard on yourself. You are doing the best you can for the animals.

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