Job Outlook: What You Can Do With A Communication Degree

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Job Outlook

It is not uncommon to consider various options when choosing which degree to pursue for further education. While you may wish to study a subject pertinent to a specific field, choosing to pursue a subject that offers greater flexibility, adaptability, and practical skills may be more useful in the real world.

With that in mind, professionals globally recognize communication skills as one of the most relevant and functional soft skills in the practical world. Studying Communications at a higher level will equip you with said skills, allowing you to thrive in your profession.

Listed below are 9 ways you can utilize your degree in communications in the job market.

Social And Digital Media

The 21st century is the age of digital media. We live in a time where the emergence and popularity of digital media have changed the way we consume information. No matter the organization, communicating with customers and conveying meaningful information is imperative for business success.

While working as a social media and digital manager/planner, you can leverage your degree by devising ways to effectively communicate with the target audience, create content that is catchy and relevant to the customers, and disseminate messages the company may want to convey.

Public Relations

Similar to working as a Social Media strategist, the job of a PR agent involves passing on information to the public in a way that creates a positive brand image. Whether that brand is a company or an individual, a PR agent comes in handy when cultivating a strong brand image.

An online Master of Communication Management degree is perfect if you want to work in PR. It’ll provide you with the skills you need to utilize various media platforms, digital and print, to disseminate your client’s message in the best way possible. Working in PR is a versatile and exciting role, requiring you to wear several hats simultaneously.

Writing And Publishing

A significant portion of effective communication in the practical world is relevant to writing.

One of the key takeaways from any communications program is conveying your ideas in a clear, concise, and structured manner. As a communications expert, you can utilize your expertise to work in forums that allow you to channel your written skills. This includes journalism, reporting, editing, and publishing.

Writing your own work or editing a client’s is an excellent way to capitalize on your skills.


Sales is one of the many fields requiring one-to-one (often face-to-face) interaction with multiple individuals daily. Being a salesperson is no easy feat, demanding you to convey the benefits of the product you are selling, respond to questions and queries about the product, manage current clientele, and reach out to new clients. A salesperson’s job includes a myriad of these tasks and can only be accomplished through clear spoken and written communication skills.

Though challenging at times, sales can be a rewarding field, both in terms of the intrinsic and extrinsic benefits it offers.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department plays a vital role in the seamless functioning of any organization, ensuring that the employees’ needs are satisfied above all else. It is thus no surprise that the person taking on the role of a human resources manager must be proficient in communicating with employees across the company.

As a human resources manager, your job would entail hiring staff, strategizing benefits schemes, organizing employee wellbeing retreats, and managing company-wide communications.

Business Reporting

Business reporters are similar to journalists, with the crucial difference being the topics of their reports. While journalists report on various social and political issues, business reporters focus solely on reporting events that impact business and economic trends, both globally and domestically.

Business reporters must constantly be on their toes, studying recent trends and keeping a sharp eye on current political issues that directly impact the day-to-day functioning of businesses.

Therefore, it is a given that a business reporter must be excellent at communicating with its target audience.

Event Planning

Behind every successful event is an excellent event planner.

As an event planner, you can delegate tasks such as market research, creating an event itinerary, signing on multiple vendors, and coordinating logistics such as food, transportation, and décor.

For those who like a challenge, event planning can be an exciting and thrilling experience, allowing you to use your communication expertise through the constant back and forth with several people concurrently.

Content Marketing

Marketing has significantly revolutionized since the days of print and billboard advertisements. Following the advent and popularization of digital media, content creation, and content marketing are all the hype. They involve creating eye-catching content through photos and videos, paired with trendy and catchy captions, that are circulated across various social media channels.

As a content marketer, you can create attractive and engaging content for your brand that drives sales. The complete creative freedom this job offers allows you to experiment with different ideas and strategies which grow the business you work for.

Brand Strategy

Today, the definition of a brand has blurred. You no longer need to be selling a commodity to be considered a brand; human beings in what they offer can also be considered brands. Regardless of what it is that is sold, solid communication is crucial to attract the target audience.

Working as a brand strategist gives you the freedom to create the brand’s image from scratch. You will be responsible for conducting market research, conceptualizing and delivering the brand’s message across various platforms, and keeping a close eye on the competition.


With all the doors that open up with a degree in communications, the most significant advantage is the flexibility it allows you to adopt. By developing sturdy communication skills, you can choose from a repertoire of fields and find one that fits you best. The degree allows for adaptability and provides you with the freedom to switch around and explore before deciding which profession to pursue.

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