How To Block Someone On Google Hangouts

Sofia Technology 06 October 2021 5 Mins Read
How To Block Someone On Google Hangouts

If you are looking for the best communication platform from where you can chat and even make calls from and even chat google hangouts remains the best option for you. With google hangouts, you can chat with any person you are connected to and even make calls to them with a lot of convenience. However, even with all these offerings, there are still people who seek to know how to block someone on google hangouts.

It might look or even seem to you like google hangouts are one of the best places from where you can chat. Therefore, listening to people seek ways on how to block someone on google hangouts will then act as a shocker to you. However, that is not the case, there are actually reasons which make it essential to block someone on google hangouts.

Actually, a good number of people still find it essential to learn how to block someone on google hangouts much as google hangouts have all those benefits to offer. Therefore, offering information in this regard can help such people a lot in the end, especially when a time to block someone finally arrives.  

With this knowledge, therefore, this text is going to provide you with ways you can use to carry out this process and more so in the most convenient way possible. If you have always wanted this solution you are going to find this text so useful to you in this regard.

Is Blocking Someone On Facebook Possible? 

Before you can even carry out this process, it is essential for you to first of all try and establish whether carrying out this process is possible or not. It could be that you are attempting to carry out a process that is not even possible in the first place. This is exactly why you need to be inquisitive in the first place before moving on to seek a proper way on how to block someone on google hangouts when you need to.

Why Would One Seek Knowledge On How To Block Someone On Google Hangouts? 

Perhaps one of the areas which are not well understood is why one would seek to block another person on google hangouts. Why would one even consider blocking another person on google hangouts and under what circumstances?  These are some of the questions some people who are baffled by this inquiry ask or seek answers to.

The reasons as to why many people seek to block other people on google hangouts are many but vary from one person to the other. If you have ever used google hangouts then you might have your reasons as to why you might need to carry out this process. However, if you have never then you might need to look at some of these reasons to know exactly what to expect in the coming days when you start using google hangouts.

It Could Be That Someone Is Bothering You

One thing you need to agree on is that sometimes online platforms including those from which people chat can bring some untold problems with them. For instance, you could be chatting with someone who keeps bothering you on many issues making it hard for you to even focus on some other things which might be of the essence to you.

If you are using google hangouts and encountering such people then chances are you are going to look for a solution to this problem. One of these solutions is blocking such a person on google hangouts. However, if you do not know how to block someone on google hangouts then carrying out this process might be somehow complicated for you.

This is why help in this regard is so essential and can help one avoid some of these problems when they come to you. If you are anticipating such a problem in the coming days then learning how to block someone on google hangouts can help you sort out this problem perfectly.

You Could Be Dealing With A Scammer

Make no mistakes, there are scammers even on google hangouts who might only want to take you for a ride for any reason. If you know about this then you better have your google hangouts blocking tools close to you because you are going to need them.

Knowing how to block someone on google hangouts can therefore come in handy in such times and help you exterminate this problem when it shows up. It could also be due to other reasons but most of which are related to scammers.

Blocking Someone On Google Hangouts

If you wish to block someone on google hangouts then there is a simple process that you can use to carry out this process. Here it is for your own consideration. The process will make it easy for you to carry out this process to completion without much of a struggle.

Step 1 

Go to your browser and open google hangouts then key in your log information 

Step 2 

Once you are logged in, go to your conversation section or tab and then choose the specific person you wish to block from the list.  

Step 3 

Once you have this person or conversation click on the settings of that particular person.

Step 4 

After doing that move ahead and click on the “Block & Report” which is right on the menu.

Step 5 

If your intention is only to block this specific person then go ahead and untick the also report box.

Step 6 

Once you have carried out that process click on confirm then close the conversation after that.


If you need to know how to block someone on google hangouts consider the text above. From this text, you are going to find all the essential information you need to carry out this process. Clearly from this process, you can see that this process is not that complicated to carry out and also does not take a long period of time to carry out as well.

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