How Criminal Trial Works

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Criminal Trial

The US judiciary system is well structured. Criminal trials in the US are quite structured yet open and transparent.

The Actual Purpose of the Criminal Trials is to shed light on the overall circumstances whirlwind around a crime.

This helps the jury decide or determine who receives the rightful judgment. This is quite expansive in nature.

So let’s act to put light on the flow of Criminal Trials to determine how it actually works. If you want to get in-depth knowledge of Criminal Trial Procedures please consult a criminal defense attorney in Fairfax VA.

Working Of The Criminal Trials

Working Of The Criminal Trials

If you are arrested with some criminal charges, you will be receiving a Government document, notice, or summons- a document called Information. The Information would contain:

  1. The kind and nature of the offense.
  2. What sections you have been charged with.
  3. The exact time, date, and place of your appearance in the court for trial.

1. Disclosures

The Crown Counsel will be sending you a copy of evidence of your crime to justify the reasons that you have been found guilty.

This document is called Disclosure. After you have received the copy of the disclosure, read it properly.

Do you agree with whatever charges and accusations were made?

Of course not.

You will definitely go on to fight your case to support your position, and the Criminal Lawyer Fairfax VA will help you in this regard.

2. Lawyer

Now that you have been charged with a crime, you are to play upon your defense.

Simply got the Criminal Lawyer in Fairfax VA and discuss the whole thing in detail—that is, the charges, that have been put against you, the legal options that are opened to you to fight the case resiliently.

Keep one thing in mind… never plead guilty before taking the valuable counseling of your lawyer.

3. First Appearance

You must go to the court on the exact date of the trial. That will turn out to be your first appearance. In this appearance, you don’t need to produce evidence.

You will speak to the Crown and ask for time to prepare the evidence. You could also enter a guilty plea and set a date for sentencing or Plead not guilty.

What Happens In The Trial ??

What Happens In The Trial ??

The first thing that happens as the trial initiates is putting forth the evidence categorically. You know that the Government has the urgency in proving you guilty.

So the public prosecutor as well as your hired advocate will put the individual witnesses. Witnesses could be in the form of Photographs, Weapons, and Recordings as well as videos.

1. Oral Argument

This is one of the appealing sections where your hired lawyer as well as the one fighting for the Government will exchange arguments all based on rationality.

They will put in their version of the facts and how similar incidents have been treated in the past. They will also discuss the related laws and legislations that are involved with the following case.

2. Your Defense

Your lawyer will strongly put the case by laying down the evidence in the most rational manner. This will definitely be challenged by the prosecutor.

There will tussle between the procured and projected evidence. If your version of what happens turns out to be more important, it will definitely act to the Crown to cross-examine all the related documents supporting your defense.

What you will need to do by the time is answer the questions of the prosecutor tactfully and with grit. This will definitely act to strengthen your case for sure.

3. Cross-Examination Of The Witness

In this section, your lawyer can ask questions to the prosecutor’s witness. At this juncture, you could also act to ask a question to the witness of the prosecutor.

The crown will take note of the development and will cross-examine all the evidence that he received from both parties.

Final Verdict

The Verdict is the final decision of the judge. The decision will be taken based on clinical observation and Witnesses submitted by both the parties involved.

After considering the arguments and counter-arguments; the pieces of evidence and counter pieces of evidence, the final verdict will come out.

Oh, the decision or final verdict will only be possible when the 12-member jury is unanimous with the judgment.

The judicial system in the US provides an opportunity for both the parties where could act to put forth their versions of the opinion. A clash of Arguments and evidence facilitates the outcome.

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