A Guide To Buying Gold Bars Online

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published on: 22 September 2022 last updated on: 27 November 2023
Gold Bars

Gold has always been considered a profitable and ceaseless investment. Despite the many price fluctuations, it is still a sound investment to earn considerable profit.

One key point about investing in gold bars is that they are less volatile, unlike the stock and crypto markets. It makes them a less risky and fruitful investment.

You can buy intangible gold EFTs, too, but nothing compares to the touch and feel of owning real gold bars. Gold bars are available for sale online as well as offline; however, buying gold bars online is a very simple and transparent procedure.

Physical gold or gold bullion can be liquidated easily, regardless of the market prices and economic conditions. So, if you are wondering about purchasing these billions, keep reading.

How Do You Buy Gold Bars Online?

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Buying these precious bars online is similar to buying any product from an e-store.

Follow the given steps for the same:

  1. To ensure the product’s authenticity, you must browse the licensed retailer’s e-store. You can go through all the products and brands like Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, Baird & Co, Low Premium, and many more.
  2. Select the price range you are looking for and the weight you wish to buy.
  3. Mention the quantity.
  4. Lastly, checkout through card payment.

You must pay the delivery charges and insurance fees once your Gold bar arrives. It is advised to store the valuable metal either in a tightly secured safe or deposit it in your bank for utmost safety.

If you choose to store it at home, do not take out the packaging as it helps to prevent scratches and stains.

Online Or In-Person Purchase: Which One’s Better?

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Although many investors feel comfortable purchasing gold bars in person from local merchants, it is easier and more cost-effective to purchase it online.

Buying precious metals in person allows investors to inspect the authenticity and quality with their eyes and pay in cash. However local merchants sell their products at higher prices compared to online dealers. Moreover, they also have a limited variety.

Online traders offer lower prices and a huge selection to choose from. The reason behind lower prices is the high quantity of gold available in their warehouses. Additionally, finding reputed local merchants is quite challenging and time-consuming.

Gold e-stores also offer discounts if you purchase in wholesale quantities. Some even offer a discount on credit card purchases or wire transfers. Hence, buying gold online seems more convenient and profitable.

How To Choose The Right Dealer?

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Before you browse a dealer’s online store for gold bars, check out websites like Report Ripoff and Better Business Bureau to learn about the legitimacy and reputation of your online dealer.

Review all the ratings and go through the feedback provided by other buyers. An authentic and reputed dealer will disclose the prices along with additional charges, transparency, and accountability.

The highest profits on gold investments are yielded during economic recessions. Many investors see this as an opportunity and invest in gold during this adverse economic period.

But you must remember that this is when most scammers come into the picture, exploiting innocent investors at such critical times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in good gold bars will always be a matter of caution. This is why you should be careful at every step. These are some of the commonly asked questions which should help you up your investment game.

Is It Legal To Buy Gold Bars Online In The USA?

Ans. One familiar method for buying gold bars is through authorized retailers on the web. Imminent purchasers can peruse gold bar items on legitimate retail sites, for example, the American Valuable Metals Trade (APMEX), JM Bullion, and Discount Coins Direct.
In the United States, indeed. In the US, it was prohibited to possess gold bullion without a federal license from 1933 to 1974. Effective January 1, 1975, these limitations were removed. It is now legal and unrestricted to hold gold for free in the United States.

Is It Illegal To Ship Gold To USA?

In general, imports into the United States are permitted for gold coins, medals, and bullion. However, according to Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations, they cannot enter the United States if they are from Sudan, Cuba, or Iran.

Official US customs reports that there is no duty on gold bullion brought into the nation. This holds true for coins as well as bars. It’s crucial to remember that you still have to declare the goods to officers of Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The Bottom Line

Purchasing physical gold bars online is more lucrative than buying it in person. You get various discounts and save up some money.

Gold investments are more profitable during recessions, making them a choice for many investors.

If you wish to invest in this metal, buy smaller quantities online and proceed to larger quantities. This way, you will learn more about these investments without losing your money.

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