How To Spend A Romantic Weekend With Your Partner

published on: 22 September 2023 last updated on: 23 September 2023
Spend A Romantic Weekend With Your Partner

A wise man once said:

It is easy to fall in love, but the real challenge comes when you have to stay in love. However, according to the couple’s therapist, there are ways to rekindle your romance and make time for your partner.

It doesn’t always have to be an extravagant date or an elaborate travel plan. In fact, sometimes it translates to the little things that you do for your partner.

If you are planning on a rekindle this weekend but have no idea where you should begin, then you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will be giving you the romantic getaways that will bring about the spark in your relationship again.

It is not about what you do in the given time together but how you spend it, enjoy it, and make the most of it.

So, if you are currently in a relationship slump, here is how you are going to liven it again!

Ways To Spend A Romantic Weekend With Your Partner 

Our present lifestyle is filled with all the business of the world. We live in such a time where panting for breath requires a second. But at the end of the day, we are all humans, and we also feel fatigued. It’s time to break free from the shackles of our boundaries. Why not set out for a romantic weekend with your partner? 

1. Join A Cooking Class Together

Join A Cooking Class Together

There is nothing more romantic than coming up with an entire ravioli dish together. Starting from knitting the pasta dough to making the sauce and tasting it together. A perfect way to detach yourself from the rest of the world and simply enjoy each other’s company through these Cooking Classes in LA.

On top of that, you are doing something useful which can help you later. Always remember, it is not about the perfect dish at the end of the class, but more about the laughs through the silly mistakes throughout. That is how you create new memories.

2. Make A Scrapbook With All Your Photos

If you are having a difficult time remembering the old times when you both used to be gritty for each other, then literally remember the gone days with a little craft project. Get your Elmer glue out, along with your colorful papers and your old pictures.

Print the best ones out (the ones you look the most happy in), and start placing them. You can also add the date and what exactly you were feeling about your partner at the moment as a fun activity. For all the married couples, why not get your wedding pictures out and make a day of rekindling old stories?

3.Create A Playlist For The Romantic Weekend With Your Partner

If you know, you know! Especially if you were a teenager in the 90s, nothing said “I love you” more than someone making you a mixtape or a playlist. Although those days of burning CDs and waiting forever for the song to upload are gone, sentiments aren’t.

So, if you were a fan of making mixtapes, then why not rekindle the love along with the activity? You make a mixtape of the most romantic songs (and the ones that remind you of your partner in one) and then encourage your partner to do the same.

If there are some dance tunes to it, why not dance around? Make the romantic week with your partner special. 

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4. DIY A Cozy Movie Night

A cozy movie night is the perfect way to rekindle your romance by being too close to each other! Rather than spending some extra cash and going to the movies, you can surprise your partner with a movie night.

While they are out, you can create the perfect set-up for a romantic weekend with your partner.

  • Throw in some comfy pillow on the sofa or bed.
  • Put up some fairy lights around because no white lights are allowed on a romantic date.
  • Get some cozy blankets around.
  • Decide your partner’s favorite movie to watch.

5. Make A Breakfast In Bed Moment

Make A Breakfast In Bed Moment

Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed. If you are a self-certified chef, then by all means, make your partner’s favorite meal. However, if you lack a little on the food frontier, do not worry about burning the toast. With the beauty of on-time deliveries, you can always order a delicious breakfast. Simply brew some tea or coffee and get a piece of rose. Et voila! Your breakfast in bed is ready.

6. Take A Picnic Outside

As the autumn season is upon us, we are well protected from the scorching heat. Which means we are approaching the perfect picnic season. A romantic weekend with your partner, along with a picnic. What else do you need? Take a picnic basket far away in the outskirts. You can enjoy the picnic within the depths of nature and also enjoy the spontaneous drive.

7. Stargaze & Deeptalks

When was the last time the two of you simply did nothing? Or emerged in some deep talks. Sometimes, these can lead to the most effective therapy sessions that you and your partner need. Sometimes, it is not about doing something romantic but rather being there for each other during difficult times. So, take a mat, go to your backyard, and indulge in some hearty stargaze and talks. Carry a glass of wine if you are into it!

8. Read Each Other’s Favorite Book

Bonus! If it is a romantic book that could rekindle feelings between the two of you that you didn’t even know was still there. Sometimes, all we need is a little nudge. A beautiful poem or a lover’s declaration to understand the beauty of love. This activity will not only be romantic, but you will find new sides in your partner even after years.

9. Cook A Romantic Dinner Together

Remember the cooking lesson the two of you took together? Why not take that into consideration and practice? Get all the necessary groceries, open a bottle of red, and cook your dinner. This time, you will get to be more intimate with each other since no one else is watching. A romantic weekend with your partner is incomplete without the best food experience. 

10. Recreate Your Very First Date

To end your weekend plan with a blast, you can always recreate your very first dinner date. Make the reservations to the same place, and book the same table (if possible). You can insist your partner gets dolled up in the same fashion (like they are getting dressed to impress). This will bring back memories perfectly kept in the back of your head. Now, you two will know again the deep love you have for one another.

Things You Can Do At Home With Your Partner

If both of you are major introverts and would rather spend each minute in each other’s company at home, then here are a few activities you can try at home:

  • Spending quality time at home with your partner can strengthen your bond.
  • Engage in a DIY project, whether it’s redecorating a room or crafting personalized gifts.
  • Play board games, card games, or solve puzzles for friendly competition.
  • Exercise as a team with home workouts or yoga sessions.
  • Create a spa experience with massages, facials, and relaxation.
  • Play musical instruments or have a dance party to your favorite tunes.
  • Research and plan future vacations or bucket list adventures.
  • Challenge each other with trivia questions or online quizzes.
  • Tend to indoor plants or start a small garden if space allows.


Don’t forget to simply relax, cuddle, and have heartfelt conversations to nurture your relationship and create lasting memories. We hope that you can indeed make the romantic weekend with your partner an event to remember. 

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