7 Questions To Ask A DUI Attorney Before You Hire Them

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published on: 25 October 2021 last updated on: 30 May 2024
DUI Attorney

DUI is considered a criminal offense in many countries. Hence, if you are found guilty, you might be sentenced to jail time. To avoid that from happening, ensure that there is a DUI attorney by your side.

The process of hiring a DUI attorney can be overwhelming, and even if you pay a hefty fee, you might never know how responsible they will represent your care in the courtroom.

With this, if you have been charged with a DUI, it’s important to find a reputable criminal defense lawyer who specializes in DUI cases, and searching for a DUI lawyer near me can help you locate a qualified attorney to represent you in court

The best way to gauge your attorney’s potential is by asking them questions.

This article has listed down some of the critical questions you can ask your DUI attorney before hiring them.

Questions To Ask Your DUI Attorney

If you have ever never needed a DUI attorney, you probably don’t know what to look for. Luckily, there are questions you can ask your attorney before hiring them to ensure they are perfect to talk about your case.

Q1. How Many Years Of Experience They Have In Practicing DUI?

How Many Years Of Experience They Have In Practicing DUI

Selecting someone with sufficient experience in the courtroom really helps to give you peace of mind. An experienced attorney is well aware of the proceeding and the uncertain things that might happen.

They prepare the case to deal with all kinds of scenarios.

Q2. What Is Their Training Background? 

This is basically asking about their educational qualification. Knowing their educational qualification will help you measure their potential and what skills they might bring to the table to deal with your case.

Ask them about their law school and under whom they trained to become a DUI attorney.

Q3. How Familiar Are They With Local Courts?

How Familiar Are They With Local Courts

When you have DUI charges against you, you want all the help you can. A DUI lawyer who is familiar with the local courts can offer you that little bit of help.

Within jurisdiction, there are a number of judges who might judge your case. Depending on who is judging, the result might differ.

In that case, you would want a lawyer who is familiar with the local courts and tailor your defense to what the judge will respond to.

Q4. What Other Type Of Cases Do They Take?

Ask your lawyer about the different fields of practice they do. This will help you understand how deep their understanding is in handling cases. Avoid lawyers who are spread thin, or take in case they come their way.

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Q5. What Can Be The Possible Outcomes?

A DUI attorney should be able to tell you the possible best and worst outcomes. In addition, they need to be upfront about what most likely will happen with the case. This can save you from getting your hopes too high.

Q6. How Accessible Are They?

Some attorneys have different communication policies than others. If an attorney takes on your case, you must ensure their accessibility and how freely they will be available while communicating with you.

Do they stop answering your text messages and phone calls, or are they not available in their office? You obviously won’t want to work with such an attorney.

Q7. How Will They Bill You?

It is important to know upfront how your attorney will bill you. DUI cases can be expenses; knowing the attorney’s fees will help you prepare yourself.

If the attorney charges you by the hour, find out the exact billing module. And if they charge a flat, ask them what is included in the price.

Final Thoughts

The questions we have mentioned in this article are some of the most important questions. That doesn’t mean you are allowed to ask only these questions. If there are any other questions, you can certainly ask them.

We hope that this article helps you find the right lawyer for your case. Do let us know how helpful this article was and what other questions could have been added to the list.

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