Hidden Social Issues Which We Do Not Talk About

Deepanwita Dey Society 28 December 2023 4 Mins Read
Social Issues

Awareness is a weapon against social issues. However, we are sometimes plagued with more recent issues that are on trend. Almost forgetting the ones still hiding in the depths of the societal structure.

Social changes in our society are the root cause of many harmful effects. They are not limited to the poor supply of country resources, and the wage gap still prevails.

These problems are not seen at a grander scale as of now. But as time progresses, they will become big in no time.

Therefore, we have to be mindful and alert about it.

This excerpt below will discuss social issues that should come into the media limelight.

We need more activists talking about it!

What Are Social Issues

Social issues are the current problems obstructing our overall growth, whether economic or human life’s overall growth.

This prevents residents of that society from leading a normal, healthy life. Two of the major social issues in this world are poverty and unemployment. This hampers economic growth and growth of life value in general.

However, today, we won’t discuss something as generic as poverty. But rather delve into more of the hidden underlying social issues plaguing us.

Hidden Social Issues We Rarely Talk About

Let’s talk about the social issues we should focus on without any further ado.

1. The Loneliness Epidemic

The Loneliness Epidemic

Social media and digital reality are two of the common catalysts giving rise to the loneliness epidemic. We are so into the screen world, counting the likes and following, that we often forget about the life outside the screen.

Even in the world of followers and online friends, we feel lonely. Through the loneliness epidemic, many are forgetting the importance of social interaction.

Social interaction helps us find friends and creates our social cycle.

From the age of 15-24, few interact with each other in a social setting; they would rather be on their phone. This is reducing face-to-face interaction to 70% more than what it was before the internet surge. (Source)

The COVID-19 pandemic is a contributing factor to this issue. After all, parents forcing their children to leave the house is not common.

2. Microaggression’s Still Prevailing

Microaggression's Still Prevailing

Have you ever heard, ‘You shouldn’t wear that dress; it doesn’t go with your coloring.’

Anyone calls you ‘love’ or ‘dear’ in a workplace?

Ever wondered why you have less opportunity to make a mistake in a workplace while others do it all the time and get a pass?

Have you ever been told, “You look pretty for a *said ethnicity*.”

These are some microaggressions many deal with daily, whether in the workplace or simply walking down the sidewalk. Whether they are scared of the label ‘ghetto’ just for raising their concern or having to explain extra to prove their intelligence.

Microaggressions are statements or actions that have a subtle racial or gender discrimination connotation to them. They aren’t doing it openly; sometimes, they do not know what they are doing is offensive (even more dangerous).

It is a social issue that will create many problems, and most of the time, people around us turn a blind eye.

3. Age-Based Discrimination

Age-Based Discrimination

Age discrimination is a serious social issue that can unfairly brand people as too old or too young. It seeps into all areas of life, from employment opportunities to social attitudes and personal encounters.

Old people can easily be excluded or face objectification based on stereotypes, especially after the advancing of the digital era. While youngsters may find it hard to get their opinions out there. This kind of discrimination denies the full potential of everyone and makes society less open.

Fighting age discrimination: Knowledge, changing of stereotypes and fair treatment. Let people at every stage of life enjoy a respectful existence in society.

4. Invisible Disabilities

Invisible Disabilities

Invisible disabilities may not be apparent at first glance, but they bring great hardship to those suffering from them.

Some illnesses-such as chronic pain or certain mental health disorders, aren’t visible and may cause misunderstanding. We underestimate the seriousness of these handicaps often, making it difficult for people to find understanding and help.

This social problem also reminds us of the need to recognize and provide services for different health problems to create a more friendly society. We should promote awareness, prevent misunderstanding, and foster compassion to create a world in which people with invisible handicaps are no longer ignored or forgotten.

5. Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a serious social and often inter-familial issue (mostly) where where see mistreatment and malintent toward older individuals occur. This abuse can take different forms, such as body damage, mental anguish, and financial loss. It endangers the well-being and dignity of our fragile elderly population.

Unfortunately, due to fear or isolation, it often remains unreported. Elder abuse calls for a serious effort at education, prevention, and support systems.

Raising awareness, promoting free dialogue, and taking countermeasures could help protect our elders ‘rights. Thus creating a society that cherishes its elderly citizens fully for their dignity and contribution.

How To Stop These Social Issues From Increasing

When you see injustice, speak up and inform people about such matters.

Teach others to shatter stereotypes and promote understanding. Use social media to magnify important points and cause a wave effect.

Volunteer or donate money to the support organizations engaged in such activities. Or choose a career in social services. Practice what you preach: respect and dignity for all. To challenge biases and misconceptions, stay informed. It also means practicing this in our daily lives, not just talking.

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